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  1. Thats an awesome amount, considering how poorly placed the Revver Ads are (i.e. they NEVER realate to the video that just played)

    I think if Revver had a wider range of advertisers, and therefore had a greater selection of advertisements to link to each video, then everyones earnings would go up, and also the advertisers would be getting better quality traffic, and so would be willing to offer a higher $/click.

    I must ask myself, why would anyone click on an Absolut Vodka advert after watching anyones VBlog?

    Admittedly Im very new to Revver so maybe I’ve arrived in a dry season of advertisers….

  2. I think I’ve made $3Kish on both Revver and Metacafe.

    To me the issue with Revver you point out is easily solved in two ways. First you need lots of inventory to attract niche advertisers that buy part (instead of all) of the ads. Second, you need a way to have creators classify their work more specifically.

  3. The classification idea could be pretty neat addition to Revver…..

    Nalts next video: “Damn my camera is such bad quality. I wish I had a better camera, then my Videos would be AWESOME”

    [cue latest Sony DVD Digicam advert]


  4. Liam – considering some of the vlogs I’ve seen, I might be tempted to click on an ad for Absolut after watching them…or, running to the nearest liquor store!

  5. I don’t think YouTube will, money-e. They’ve been riding free and easy on the copyright infringement / anything goes gravy train but now that they are going to have to start obeying laws, they’ll get bogged down and lose all their momentum. Most of their content providers will have to learn rules that Revver uploaders already know and it will feel evil to YouTubers after such a long ride of steal-anything-you-want.

    That’s my 2 cents.
    $5,022 earned on Revver so far

  6. Personally, I like Metacafe. I’ve tried posting on Revver but it takes too much self-promotion. I’m giving LiveVideo a try, but they don’t pay, so it’s not the same.

    It’s really cool that so many people are doing well on so many sites – people on both Revver and Metacafe have earned over $20,000 for their videos – that’s more than many people earn in a year in their “real” jobs.

    Pretty cool.

  7. I can’t figure out how to make a penny on Metacafe. My videos sit for weeks (some for months) waiting for approval. Then the gatekeepers rate my stuff low so that no one will bother wasting their time looking at my stuff. Doesn’t matter how much I promote my stuff. At least on Revver, I have the same chance as anyone else to get seen. What’s holding you up on Revver, yuma-j?

  8. Metacafe is a strange beast for sure, i uploaded some test clips and and they stayed under review for ages(over a week easily), anyway I uploaded a rather humourous/controversial clip i made, but this time i didn’t submit it to “producer rewards” then as soon as it was approved i altered the settings for it to be in the producer awards and it qualified and made many dollar, but ever since i can’t get a repeat performance I think i offended too many peeps lol.

    in order of money makey power, for me anyway.

    NBC (US) and BBC (UK) clip requests
    Mobile fone distribution deal (v crap)

    Youtube nothing, but gained me the mass exposure that set all the above in motion, I think as a good will gesture over the next few weeks am gonna upload all the vids i took down from the tube, you never know who is watching now as it’s audience gets bigger and bigger.

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