Viacom Hearts YouTube

Seems that since Viacom took action against YouTube, some other media players have jumped on the train. MediaShift’s Mark Glaser does a nice roundup of opinions. Even better, he highlights why it was good idea and why it wasn’t.

Says Viacom’s Chairman:

“The fact of the matter is, without copyright protection, there is no entertainment business. And so we instructed YouTube to remove 100,000 pieces of video from their site. Why? Because they were using it without paying for it. I don’t believe in that. If you want to use us, pay us. Or make a deal with us that is commensurate with the value of our product. Our content has taken years and years to develop, with a lot of hard work. People who want to use it are going to pay us, or good-bye.”

Good-bye, he says. And with that, two men in black suits understood the code, and headed to a small California office above a pizza joint. (Yes, Marquis… this blog has gone “dark”).

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  1. You know that my “going dark” comment was in reference to the Feedblitz email I got last night about your other blog site ‘going dark’, right?

    As far as this post: Quick everybody! Jump into your Tubesocks.

  2. Everyone wants to get paid! Even the big boys losing a few hits to YouTubers. Now do you let them pay YouTube to advertise like NBC, CBS and others??? Will they still get the same amount of hits? Not likely. I have viewed their “official” YouTube sites. Not that many hits on a lot of their videos. People want to watch stuff they think is illegal! (in a sense) So, NBC and CBS start up fake YouTube accounts and watch the hits rise!
    Marquis videos are brilliant! Thanks Nalts for the advice to check him out! (nightmares) LOL

  3. I can understand their position, but they went a bit overboard with their last slew of removal demands. At least one user, that I know of, had one of his videos removed, due to a request by Viacom. His video had absolutely no copyrighted content, whatsoever. It was a spoof of the “Real World”, but everything in the video was user created.

    He fought it, and eventually received an e-mail from MTV stating that his video was removed in error, and was then able to re-upload it. Protecting your material is one thing, but being a rabid pack of wolves is screwed up, and I pretty much lost what little respect I had left for Viacom, after that.

  4. LOL Mia has been chatting with me about the whole copyright thing. I’ve been giving her feedback and begging for someone’s forgiveness. I’m also shitting myself with fear. I’ve already privated about 10 videos. I guess I better go round youtube and round up all them music videos and tv shows. I did notice The Simpsons and Family Guy clips were decreasing. I found South Park the movie on youtube not long ago. I can see how their having copyright problems lol.

    Why don’t they just put all the blame on the person uploading the videos and force everyone to give their names and addresses so the user that does it can be sued not gootube?

  5. Ifilms used one of my vids and got 330,000 plus hits and i never agreed to upload it to them, on Revver that would of got me over $3,000 and Revver only gives you half! and they also put it on VH1 what a cheek

    Anyway I reckon they owe me a “few” latest releases muhahahah.

  6. Marquis- I got a call from Starr about that last Revverberation post. I can’t believe people can still be reached via that? All I was finding was comment spam.

  7. I can’t poopoo the only site that ever paid me real money, jischinger. Well, there WAS that one site that paid me $5 to go away, but other than that, Revver’s the only one that put actual cash in my kaboodle ($5,022.00). Crap, I still haven’t paid the taxes on that yet.

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