Car Wash Phobia

carwash.jpgI don’t believe I’ve ever laughed at a video as much in my life. Maybe it’s because I know Zack, but this video titled “The Car Wash” brought me to tears. Five minutes after watching it I was still laughing.

You have to watch the whole thing. There are a few moments where you think “he can’t possible carry this 1-minute gag for 4 minutes.” And yet he does. And the payoff is spectactular.

Zack’s subtle then “over the top” acting style is perfect for online videos. And his edgy stuff just begs to be featured. Check for more… including his repulsively funny Valentine’s greeting.

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  1. Zack tells me he knows people will jump at the boring parts, but he uses those to provide contrast to the extreme moments. For me it works. We just shot a video via phone and it’s killing me I can’t upload it now.

  2. where did he find a gas station that sells gas for $2.09 a gal.?!
    even though you said to watch till then end I didn’t expect anything. I remember the first time I went though one of those kind of washes, it was a little scary. I did a bit of charity work with the elderly last summer and I used to take them to a car wash just like that, they loved it!

  3. He is a very funny guy, I set out watching his newest valentines video yesterday, with the start being boring thinking the whole video would be crap, ended up laughing my head off 😛 He’s a strangely funny guy.

  4. Wow, thanks for all of the great comments. I’m glad people liked it.

    Jis Chinger: Well, gas is about $1.999 now. I live in Oklahoma, and it is usually pretty cheap here. The cheapest I have ever seen it without there being some sort of radio promotion was in 1998 or maybe 1999. Gas hit a low of at least $0.509.

    I Man Artist: Your comment made me smile, so now I feel really bad about my video not making you smile. I feel like I owe you one now.

  5. Zack, that wasn’t meant as a dis in any way. I’ve watched some of your other videos and liked them, but this one… I was watching and going, okay, he’s pretending to be scared like he’s never been through a carwash before, okay something’s gonna happen…something’s gonna happen… then it didn’t.

    I only left a comment at all because I had this weird deja-vu feeling. This has happened to me quite a bit lately, where other people think something’s hilarious and I don’t laugh, or I think something’s hilarious and no one else does.

    Perhaps I’m broken.

    Oh, and I break my nick up as “I’m an artist”

  6. I Man, don’t worry, I didn’t take it as a dis at all. I was just saying that I feel genuinely bad about how my video didn’t make you smile. I actually put a lot of work into my videos, especially that one, so I felt shattered when I found out someone didn’t even smile at it. On top of that, your comment made me smile, and I gave you nothing but boredom. So I feel double bad, and I feel like I owe you. I’ve been thinking all day about how I can do better, and I’m confident that I will.

    So again, there’s no need to worry. I can tell the difference between constructive criticism and just a simple like or dislike comment. Besides, I’m usually a pretty happy guy, and I try to take everything in stride. Just ask anyone. I can’t help it if I plummet into depression when a video of mine fails horribly. I eventually get over it by working hard to do better, and in the end, everyone wins. Or they will at least, once I can make a better video.

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