LiveVideo vs YouTube

It’s the most popular scandal on the most popular video site. Some popular YouTube celebrities started posting on LiveVideo (an enhanced but less popular version of YouTube). LiveVideo is being referred to as a combination of YouTube and MySpace.

One of YouTube’s most highly subscribed individuals, Renetto (Paul Robinett), posted a McCarthy-like video that lists some of the YouTube celebrities leaving YouTube and calls them “traitors.” He received more than 160 video responses and a 2 out of 5 star rating for the video.

“I believe they’re prematurely jumping the ship,” Renetto says. “Especially because this particular website (LiveVideo) is such a ripoff of YouTube.” Unconfirmed rumors are that LiveVideo paid some top creators to move from YouTube to its site. YouTube, meanwhile, has announced a revenue-sharing arrangement but not provided specifics.

In a related YouTube scandal, the company suspended the account of a top YouTuber, Mordeth13. Mordeth believes his account was blocked because of his inflamatory comments against Sportzshot, a camera manufacturer that allegedly revoked a commitment to sponsor him. Mordeth moved to LiveVideo identity, but has also posted recently on YouTube as Moredeth13.

12 Replies to “LiveVideo vs YouTube”

  1. I am too lazy to do YouTube AND LiveVideo. I made a page on LiveVideo just to piss off the LiveVideo haters… I kept my YouTube page just to piss of the YouTube haters… (and to stalk lemonette) 😛

  2. I saw that Renetto Rant. What was up with that ? When you decide to post on YouTube you are free to post anywhere you want without self styled police coming down on you for posting on other sites.

    And picking on Geriatric1927!! I mean c’mon!

  3. He’s a strange bird that renetto. I can’t decide if what he does is a ploy to enhance his persona; traitor and black folks on youtube rants, or if he’s just a silly bald man with glasses. His $100 bribe came off weird and desperate. Another strange bird is Greg Soloman, but his commentary on renetto was interesting.

    Meanwhile, I went over to Live idio to have a look around and meh. I guess it’s like grocery store competition helps to keep the other guys on their toes.

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    just wanted to say that. I hope someone goes to that conference and interviews the kazzaman.
    joost joost joost…

  4. I vote ‘just a silly bald man with glasses’, jischinger. And i loved the ‘Black, black, blackblackblack’ spoof someone did on him.

  5. The “Traitors” video was ridiculous. I’ll agree that the constant posting of “LiveVideo is better” on YouTube got to be a bit much, but none of us has exclusive contracts to be loyal to just one site (except, maybe, Paul?), so why not double-post?

    I don’t make a big deal of it, I don’t slam either site’s faults, I just have a little fun and put my videos in two places. If I weren’t so lazy, I’d be posting them three or four other places as well.

  6. You should double post. Because you never know when something you say might piss off the wrong person and then WHOSH…there goes your whole account.

  7. I was a huge You Tube user, but I just recently switched to Live Video. The thing with You Tube is that it’s constantly erasing videos because they arent copyrighted. Not that its their fault, but because Live Video isn’t that popular, people don’t really pay attention to it.

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