Superbowl Commercials Online

Today is the first post-Superbowl day where people have easy universal access to all of the commercials. Do you suppose anyone is working today?

YouTube is inviting people to rank their favorite Superbowl ads. What stood out for you?

Someone submitted them all the Superbowl commercials to Metcafe as well. Now THAT’S some time on your hands. Or hop over to USAToday to vote for the ads.

The consumer-generated ads include:

  1. Doritos cashier lady
  2. Doritos spicy, cheesy, bold, smooth
  3. Chevy car commercial (concept was user-generated)

JumpCut is featuring some of the amateur-made Doritos ads that didn’t win. Check out the Mousetrap one. Very funny.

25 Replies to “Superbowl Commercials Online”

  1. The fist bump one was hilarious. The Garmin one with the “Evil Mapasaurus” song caught my friends and I off guard. Thank god for DVR because we must have rewatched that one 10 times. I’m going to have to say my favorite was the Check Out Girl. The ending made everyone in the room yell “Oh god, what the fuck!”. It didn’t help that everyone was eating Doritos while watching it. After that ad no one touched another Dorito for the rest of the night.

  2. I think I saw most of them and I like the coke commercial best, through the blockbuster was cute and I thought Prince was good. Thank you YouTube 🙂

  3. The Coke commercials were outstanding for the animations. I also really enjoyed the commercials, but the one that made me laugh the most was the Kevin Federline one.

  4. That mousetrap commercial was better than almost every Super Bowl ad that ran – Doritos missed the boat by not using that one!

  5. I’ll never trust another online election. Clearly the Sierra Mist beard combover is the winner, yet the anti short-shorts lobbies have clearly bribed YouTube to stuff the ballot boxes…

  6. This is from the creators site.

    Budweiser rips us off!
    Trevor @ 8:15 pm

    Hey! Budweiser just ran an ad during the SuperBowl that is a rip off of our “New Thing” sketch. This has happened to us a couple times before but this one is pretty blatant.
    So suck it Budweiser.

    Drink Coors.

    Looks like they got jack shit for something they came up with 2 years ago.

  7. Checked out the article, trippleH. Yet another sad example of a would-be writer who uses words to which he doesn’t know the definition. My grammar might be bad and mah accent southern, but ah know the dadgummed difference between the words ‘subtle’ and ‘blatant’. How am I supposed to take someone serious who obviously couldn’t score ‘average’ on the verbal SAT?

  8. A professional reviewer does not take sides. He’s just one of the million people that are anti-apple. There are also alot of apple extreemists. To tell you the truth, I bet if Mac and Microsoft were religions there would be WW3 with the oldies and their trolly bombs.

  9. “For proof, stroll into any decent games shop and cast your eye over the exhaustive range of cutting-edge computer games available exclusively for the PC”
    I hate the way people use this as an offence, it’s only because Microsoft owns the right to Direct X, making gaming on macs difficult.

    My core love for that article lies in the last paragraph and the first “oh it was me but someone edited it” responce.

    ” I feel an unexpected crash coming.”

    with the reply

    “I wrote this piffle. Then it was subbed. And whoever subbed it decided to add a bit describing Doom as “the first shoot-em-up game … Bet they did it on a Mac, too.”

  10. How can Prince be a Jehovah’s Witness? Is there something they aren’t telling me when they come to my door? What goes on inside those windowless temples? This give WatchTower a whole new meaning. I’m Confused.

    On another note: What is the video equivalent to all the goodies on a MAC for PC?

  11. Re: SuperBowl ads. A guy here from our local radio station won the Alka Seltzer ad contest. He wrote and record the new jongle, and starred in the commercial. It aired during the pre-game. Check it out– it was catchy.

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