Where’d All My Videos Go? And Why’s My Lip All Busted Up?

The title to this post will be lost on anyone that’s not an Eddie Murphy fan. But there’s at least one reader who will get that. The Cap’n came to my defense like a big brother wrestling down a bully.

Thank you readers for your help in fixing the Break.com situation. Seems I’m not the only person that has had his videos ripped and submitted to Break (and other sites). Sometimes I’d be flattered, but Break.com pays and gives huge exposure.

More than 1.5 million people viewed Husband is Bored at the Mall  and Pennies for the Tollbooth Man on Break in the past few days. This helped me appreciate that despite lower traffic, Break commands more views to its homepage videos than YouTube.

I missed a good opportunity to brand the blog, CubeBreak and my videos. The Break folks said it was a technology glitch, and fixed the attribution to point to my EvilFist account on Break. EvilFist was my temporary alter ego that made a series of videos (see www.evilfist.com) that were a bit more provocative than my regular stuff.

I’ll update more as I get more details on how a video can appear on Break attributed to someone else — without the person knowing it happened. Puzzling. Also curious if Break will back pay me for these since typically you get $400 if your video hits the homepage. 

17 Replies to “Where’d All My Videos Go? And Why’s My Lip All Busted Up?”

  1. Glad they fixed the problem. Now they just need to throw you some cash for hitting the homepage. Remind them that you were on it more than once 🙂

  2. The following questions still need to be answered:

    1. How did two “random” users get credited for uploading your videos.

    2. Who really uploaded them. You have to be a user to upload them, so demand to know which user actually uploaded them?

    3. Why would a regular ripper remove your website credits? Why take the time unless you have something to gain?

  3. I have to say I don’t buy this random user thing..also Nalts man Break.com says up to $2000 for homepage

    (http://my.break.com/User/Login.aspx?AppRedirect=%7e%2fmedia%2fuploadmultiple.aspx) First Bullet Point under get paid -> check it out

    I suggest you discuss the matter in private with them so they understand that a fair and equitable settlement is in their best interest from a PR perspective. 1.5 M views in 72hrs; man I want to see the 3rd party audit on that (wondering how much is domestic).

  4. Jack I don’t understand your ( ) but I think you’re right. Break owes Nalts some hard cold big $ OR they are inflating their numbers, like who has ever done that before? I think the public needs to know either way.
    1.5 million viewers in 72 hours hmm…. I wonder, for the sake of argument, how many computers with scripts would you need to generate 1 million views, 2 million eyeballs, in 72 hours?

  5. I’ve heard the same thing, marquisdejolie, at least as far as YouTube is concerned (I think 3 seconds counts as a view). I would imagine other sites, like break.com work the same way.

  6. I’m not saying nalts wouldn’t get 1.5 million viewers, but that’s a short period of time for so many at once. One has to wonder, skeptical me, if they do something to rig their numbers in order to persuade advertisers? Just thinking out loud…

  7. So cynical, jischinger. So cynical. Break wouldn’t lie to its advertisers in order to overcharge them. Why, if that ever got out, Break would go Broke. And whEnron have we ever heard of a corporation lying to consumers?

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