When Your Blog Gets 6,000 Views in a Day…

happyslip.gif… you know you’ve been written up on HappySlip. I had assumed everyone knows who she is, but I’m finding out otherwise.

Get over to HappySlip’s blog right now. Her blog is People Magazine to my East Baltimore Guide.

Who did your logo, HappySlip!? It’s splendid.

8 Replies to “When Your Blog Gets 6,000 Views in a Day…”

  1. It was because of your video on going into her pad (pad… who says that? americans, sheesh! 😛 ) that I knew who happy slip is.

    She is my female hero of You Tube. haha!

  2. Wowzers, cool – we’ll dream up a sequel or else another totally random idea! 🙂

    BTW, the awesome dude that did my logo is:

    Curtis Sharp, Curtis Sharp Design
    Seattle, WA
    curtissharp2 at comcast.net

  3. Loved this video!!! Did not know of Happy Slip till Nalty Slipped in the apartment! Love the Mac Song! LOL Keep up the great videos! (no pressure)

  4. Hey Nalts……being a big fan of Happyslip’s…..I found out about you. I am trying to figure out who is more of a goofball – you or Christine. It’s pretty close. I am so looking forward to “Happyslip’s Pad – Part 2”. Keep up the great blog and videos.


  5. You’ve got to give Kevin a little bit of slack, Tom, he’s not Renetto… yet.

    Oh, and you forgot the Starbucks coffee. He has to be holding a Starbucks coffee, and a pack of Mentos!

  6. don’t forget t-shirt, cups and mouse pads. oh, you also need a wikipedia page. the finally will be when they name a rose after you. in this case it would have to be rose related to video making. they will call it the nalts. “Did you use the Nalts to get that effect?” “Don’t forget to use the Nalts” “Hey, I got my Nalts right here!” Popular culture awaits!

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