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  1. I’ve contacted some video sights when I see my material ganked. I don’t hear back from them but the videos typically disappear after a couple of days.

  2. This is going to be sticky, what can you do Nalts? Break should pay you and suspend 808’s account. I guess it depends how much the money means and the principle behind people ripping you off. We’re all going to need a lawyer soon.

  3. I would be ticked, and contact break.com. He shouldn’t get any money for ripping off your video. One of the disadvantages of the technological era, I guess. People will continue to do this, and make money, because finding the stolen vids isn’t an easy task.

  4. That should read: “finding the vids that someone stole from you isn’t an easy task”.

    It’s not that hard, when they get 400,000 views, but what about the videos that don’t get that kind of exposure, yet still earn the thief money?

  5. Meow meow meow… Some one stole my video… SUck it up Nancy..

    How’s the little news paper gig going anyhow?

  6. I don’t think Break.com paid him for that video. Paying requires him to sign an actual contract. Besides, they don’t buy every video they feature. But still Break.com is obviously making money by having ripped off videos on their site. Just like every video site is.

  7. Oh, and you should be ticked. It’s flattering when your video gets dugg. It is not flattering when someone rips and alters your video, then uploads it to another site. I would say this is not Break.com’s fault, but then again, each featured video appears to be hand-picked. It’s almost obvious the submitter is not the same guy who made the video.

  8. Ok, there is obviously been some kind of mix up. This is DeathWish808 and I did not rip off that video. I didn’t even submit it!
    I thought it was a funny video when I watched it, but did not pay attention to who posted it until I saw comments on my page. Break.com software or something has screwed this up. I never saw that video before until I saw it on Break.com I have no reason to lie and I’m not that type of person to rip off someone elses original stuff. I will submit crap that’s public domain and has been circulating around all the sites.

  9. Flattered. you should get proper attribution though. you could drive thousands of people to your website.

  10. Be Flattered
    Your ripped off video had 200,000 more views that the Kevin Federline Super Bowl Commercial and they were posted at the same time. Its also the second highest most viewed clip today.

    But Get Ticked
    Cause I am pretty sure the guy who posted the Kfed clip is not a NationWide Ad Agency guy so while the exposure might be nice for NationWide; its certainly not the posters property. So how the heck is YouTube going to police itself and protect your 229 other videos when the time comes.

  11. I looked at DeathWish808’s break.com homepage, and your video is not on it. Methinks something wicked this way comes. Since break.com maintains records of all videos posted to their homepage, I have only one word: Class Action.

    Ok – so it was 2.

  12. It’s too easy to rip stuff off on the internet. I write code and I’ve found it just copied without credit in too many places online. Really sucks. It’s gotten to the point that I’m half tempted to stop writing code.

  13. I’ll be there’s a SPAMbot that can stick comments in break.com to warn people about break.com’s unethical practices. Who’s game?

  14. It makes me wonder how many people this is happening to. Obviously with all the submissions on there this wasn’t the first time. They need to fix this problem ASAP! I don’t need or deserve this type of harassment, nor does anyone else. I’m still trying to get in touch with Break.com and see why this happened. Will post when I get a response.

  15. …..also, just remembered…When you post something on Break.com, you post it as Public & Original, Public and Unoriginal or Private. Everything I have ever posted for the exception of my own personal pictures has been submitted as Public and Unoriginal. And I do not edit the videos in any way that would not show where the video originated from. I’m a firm believer in people getting proper credit for their work regardless of how good or crappy it is. Anyway, I hope this gets straightened out and Break.com Acknowledges this on the homepage.

  16. You know, those two videos that Nalts did were recently popular on Digg, then they suddenly get posted on Break.com with the endings removed so you can’t see the original author. On top of that, they are made to appear as if the regular users posted the videos, even though the system shows they haven’t. To support that claim, we have one user who is flat out denying he uploaded the video.

    It makes me wonder if Break.com is fraudulently editing then uploading already popular videos and simply attaching a random user’s name to the video so they appear to have no responsibility at all. If so, this could be a way to get good content to their site and make money from ad revenue without paying video creators and placing the blame on someone else for uploading.

  17. Wow. It’s bad enough when someone posts another person’s videos, as their own, but to have stolen videos show up on an account where the user didn’t post it, is just downright weird. Have you contacted break.com? I wonder what they’re going to say when faced with the fact that these videos are showing up on random accounts.

  18. http://www.thatvideosite.com/video/3914

    Looks like Break isn’t the only site to have a Nalts original.

    By the way, I just found your videos like 3 days ago and I’ve watched just about every single one. Most of the things you come up with are insanely funny man. Keep them coming, I need something to do while sitting in class pretending to be paying attention to my professors.

  19. Note from Brian at Break. Credit to ’em for a) addressing it, b) having a sense of humor, and c) fixing it:

    > There may have been something in our old terms of service that said something about us owning the rights once you submit and rights to your next video but I know we’ve changed that. Anyone can upload their videos to Break and retain all their rights. The way it works is if we feature your video, we will contact you and see if you are interested in getting paid for the video. We pay $400 for original videos and $2000 for original short films. People who want to get paid sign release forms agreeing to sell the rights to their video to Break. But lots of people choose not to sell their videos and instead just enjoy the massive exposure our homepage offers.

    You do not have to promise your next video but your first born son does become property of Break as soon as you upload your video. Sorry that’s just our policy and we are not budging on it. (Note- that was in response to my concern about giving up first born).

    I just updated our database so you get credit for those videos, updating the site so the changes are live will take a few minutes. I hope in the future you start uploading your videos to Break, we would love to see them!

  20. Exactly Zack, And I have never received a response from them at all. I’m glad you got a hold of them though and got it straight. Keep makin the vids.

  21. It also doesn’t explain the fact that they edited out your reference to Cubebreak.com. What “ordinary” ripper would care about that?

  22. First off, Nalts, I love your videos and it sucks that the Metacafe viewers don’t appreciate the content and production value. Funny ideas, well executed. Unless it’s something blowing up, a hack, or some cartoon with a mouse and a cat, what I perceive as a young male audience, just doesn’t appreciate it. Okay…I’ve had a number of videos posted on Yahoo, YouTube, Break and I think a couple of others. I looked up their terms and penned a lawyer-ish email (which I am sure you could do very easily) quoting the terms and yada yada yada and have had a 100% success rate of the videos being yanked. You can easily scare them with legal jargon and demand a ‘cease and desist’ and believe me, they will comply. But now that I look at it, it looks like you are the submitter…


    Kill this thread.

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