9 Replies to “YouTube Videos that Got Most Video Replies”

  1. You got that many replys because you asked for 30 second clips…

    What’s 30seconds of someones life compared to:

    1) Free hits
    2) Possability of new subscribers
    3) Possability of being featured in a compilation video
    4) Easy way into joining the community

    Near anyone will make something for 30 seconds. I bet you if it had been a no limit thing you won’t have nearly half the ammount you had.

    *insert research and conclution here*

  2. “Bore me”, was a great video to make a response to, especially for me, because I am an expert boreologist!

  3. Boring is meditative. I bet your kids, when overloaded, will stop for a couple of moments and just stare or “space out” for a few seconds. It’s supposed to be a good thing and I was told never to disrupt a person, especially a child, when they do that. Something along the lines of the brain catching up with itself, a quick nap. Need more RAM. I think it runs along the lines of why we like repetition.

  4. Yea Nalts that was a booster for me! And Tripplehelix – I did the medicine cabinet and bored video and bored surpassed the hits of the medicine cab one. Not that many hits put still some data for you. THANKS NALTS!

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