28 thoughts on “Funniest Laugh Ever”

  1. at first I thought it was funny, but after a while, when he kept laughing I started to feel a bit creeped out and began to think I was watching one of marquisdejolie videos.

  2. THanks, Ginormouses. Yeah- I’m not sure I can watch that laughing video again. But it’s funny to hear laughter creating laughter creating laughter. It’s like when my son laughs at Spongebob. It has a contagious effect.

    Oh- that satellite phone salad bowl video is BEGGING for a parody.

  3. Fox News? Ahhhh! Kevin, I’m disappointed. I’d thought that you’d learned your lesson!

    Nah – good job on flexing your Viral Videologist muscle (that, uh, didn’t sound quite right…)

  4. omg they reused old footage, that sucks! Dude you’re more than them, don’t slump to fox’s level. Did they even mention your youtube name?

    Geese! That’s mad, you’re such a TV slut!

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