Newsflash: YouTube to Share Advertising Revenue

According to the Associated Press via USAToday: YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley announced today that YouTube will start sharing revenue with its millions of users.

“We are getting an audience large enough where we have an opportunity to support creativity, to foster creativity through sharing revenue with our users,” Hurley said at the World Economic Forum. “So in the coming months we are going to be opening that up.”

Hurley, one of the youngest Internet multimillionaires, gave no details of how much users might receive, or what mechanism would be used.

  • It won’t be the first site to offer such a deal. In October 2005, Revver announced plans to attach advertising to user-submitted videos and give their creators a cut of the profits. Revver has said it would split the ad revenue evenly with content creators.
  • Hurley said that when YouTube started, he and the site’s other co-founders — Steve Chen and Jawed Karim — felt revenue-sharing would build a community of users motivated by making money, rather than their love of videos.
  • But that as the site has grown, they have come to see financial remuneration as a way of improving content.

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  1. Sounds good! I personally can’t wait. I’m gunna activate my credit card and setup my paypal account tomorrow 🙂 lol I have registered on revver, I’ve just not fully signed up yet.

  2. And lo the crap did multiply and the people were drowning in the excrement of vanities. And there was bad grammar and typos and misinformation of all kind. And the people looked to the ethos and cried out, How long, oh Chad, how long?

  3. I think YouTube revenue sharing might lead to a political putsch based on the following sentiment:

    “The artists who paints the sky green and the grass blue ought to be sterilized” —Adolf Hitler

  4. You forgot the reason youtube did this today. It is because they wanted to celebrate the birth of the first real independent artist, WAM. No, not George Michael, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Who was a Secret Society Free Mason and rode a yellow school bus. Twinkel Twinkle – ABCDEFG… – need I say more?

  5. Will payment be retrospective you think? I’ve had over half a million views. I’d like some of that. And Nalts, you must have had tens of millions. I think deJolie might be on to something with his prediction of Google buying Revver, though.

  6. There are few things I can say with certainty, but this I can. Payments will not be retrospective. For starters they couldn’t calculate it because the advertising was fickle earlier. It would also be a liability that would crush ’em.

  7. I wonder if this will shift liability to the content creators who use anything copy written? This could get costly and messy, especially if you receive money.

    -trinken sind auf dem haus

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