Benefit of User-Testing Viral Videos

testing.jpgI hope this video demonstrates the power of user-testing viral videos to ensure they’re funny before launch. It’s the difference between being a viral-video creator and a viral videologist.

Our method was simple. The moderator had individual subjects review the videos, and we observe their responses behind a two-way glass. Laughter was recorded, and viewers were asked to rate each video according to key comedic criteria. Each viewer was screened according to a) frequency of online-video viewing, b) sense of humor, and c) ability to fake laugh.

Of course things went a little sour at the end. But this is fairly typical for one of our sessions. There’s always a “hater,” and you have to know how to deal with these people.

5 Replies to “Benefit of User-Testing Viral Videos”

  1. Nice vid as always, apparently your on the right tracks here as viral makers “viral factory” and “maverick” do screen test vids to groups of 10 students, the one that they YAY to is the one they go with, allegedly.

  2. well done nalts! – working on a blurb about you and yours on my blog that nobody reads, but on the outside chance someone comes along, it’ll be parked and ready to go! Expecting more great things from the internet’s very own VVG.

  3. Are you obsessed enough to ACCTUALLY do this? 😛 That would be cool to put every video under screening especially as you post 1-3 videos a day!! 😀 Loved this video, disprove of the violence at the end. 😛 LMFAO

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