Viral Videologist

vv.jpgAre those two beautiful words. Just soak in them. Viral Videologist.

Bruce Haring of DIY Convention asked if I’d speak about YouTube success stories on Sunday, February 11 at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Mark your calendars, folks. Free beer with admission.

Anyway it turns out I was scheduled to be presenting 6 miles from there that same morning (for my day job). So it was easy to say yes.

I checked the DIY site to confirm timing and logistics, and I see they’ve got me listed as Kevin Nalty, Viral Videologist.

Call me VV from now on. It’s better than Viral Video Genius.  And, yes, I already parked the domain.

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  1. I used to sleep on the benches in the grand interior trompe l’oeil of the Egyptian when it was closed down, fenced off and scheduled for demolition. Great theater.

    Six miles east at USC and six miles west at UCLA, professors are harredly hammering away at coarse plans for the new discipline of Viral Videology. It’s a moneymaker. At first, Viral Videology will be just a Certificate Program, but soon it will be a full blown major, nomenclatured BBAVV (Bachelors of Business Administration, Viral Videology) or something like that. Then will come the doctorate programs. California will be the first state to require BBAVV certification for viral video practitioners. The license will be issued from the same outfit that licenses security guards there, the BBIS division of Consumer Affairs.

  2. Viral Videologist? Mad marketing skills.

    But it sounds like you’d be a specialist for curing people of video diseases…YouTubosis? Park that one for me, will ya? 😛

    Oh, and what about videoblogitis boringus maximus, also known by its dreaded synonym “vlogitis”? No cure has been found so far.

  3. Viral Videologist? Wow, that sounds important! I’d love to attend, and at this point I actually think the date works ok with my schedule, so hey, I may be there!

  4. See you there, Dalisdolly.

    Yeah- TrippleHelix- the BBC guy never wrote back. Maybe he put the story to bed.

    I love this thread. Maybe the title should incorporate phil for “love.” philvideothrapy.

  5. Nalts,

    I would just like to say…. you are my hero.

    Last week I stumbled across your account on You Tube and since then I have been addicted to watching your videos. Please realise, I’m not a stalker… I’m from Australia, it’d be too difficult and cost too much money to stalk you 😛

    But yeh, I do love your stuff! It has inspired me to go out and get a digital camera and muck around with it and make memories! I love seeing your family involved in your videos too 🙂

    You are great!

    And I’ve told alot of my friends about you, and theyv’e seen what you have done… not all of them get it (um yes Aussie humour is quite different)… but, none the less, you are becomming famous here!

    A bit like how Steve Irwin became famous in USA before the aussie public loved him. 🙂

    Although, I think the USA love you nalts… and one day, the aussie’s will be cheering you on! I already am! 🙂

  6. Thanks, Louise! Hope you keep watching and interacting, and look forward to seeing what you come up with yourself. I watched Crocodile Dundie one and two at least 3 times each, so I’m practically Australian myself.

  7. If I show up, can I get your autograph? I’ll buy a pack of Mentos on the way. You can sign the wrapper (what’s that? did I just hear tripplehelix groan?).

  8. Oh my gosh!
    See in my mind you are … famous. hahaha. And so when you wrote in my blog, I picked up my mobile phone and began calling all my friends “NALTS WROTE TO ME! NALTS WROTE TO ME!”

    All I need now is a photo with you and I’d be on the moon!

    Oh dear.. I really am coming across like an obsessed freak aren’t i…

    Anywhoo, I definitly think you should do a video of you walking through snow wearing thongs. And make a special mention to me! And maybe advertise my blog too, that would be nice.


  9. Nalts you better patten your vv (or w, could still get rid of the v) videos on your site right quick! Transscribe them and put it into a book before someone else does.
    I expect to see under Summer Semester University Programs Offered next to Word, Excel, AdobeCS, Nalts Viral Video 2.0.

    You going to offer an online course?
    Speaking engagements?
    I’m seriously serious.

  10. Louise, Nalts has sent me several videos of him walking through the snow in a thong… never in thongs though.

    Wow, a speaker gig in LA. You’re well on the way to a brand called YOU!

  11. Love. Exciting and new. Come along, Kyle. We’re expecting you…. the Nalts Love Boat.

    See now who is Jan? Online course, speaking engagement. Good ideas and I don’t know who to credit. I guess I’ll credit PC.

  12. Nalts I showed my boss that video you did on Crackberry Blackberry (he just brought a Blackberry). He loved it. He is now a Nalts fan hahah

  13. Marquisdejolie – I just tried to register, and I got an “e-mail error”. Maybe Mr. Helix knows how to fix that. I’ll try again, later.

  14. Have you set up an email server for the emails? Mine failed therefore I can’t sign up… Can you accept me in the admin panel please…. My username’s “Tom”

  15. lol! Both? When I get home I’ll try and fix the sign up so people don’t get that error. Do you have AIM, MSN or anything? If you do send me a message over on youtube 😛

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