Pitching Television Show Featuring Viral Video Creators

pitch.jpgOkay I’m tired of thinking about this. I’m going for the pitch. Click the image to get the video version.

Ladies and gentlemen with broadcast connections: I have a concept for you that will attract sweet demographics (heavily sought by advertisers). It will keep you relevant with the people moving from television to online video. And it will be very popular.

A 30-minute weekly “viral videos” show.

  • Most of it features 1-3 minute videos of a select group of creators. I can identify a few dozen that are ready for broader audiences. Many of these could NEVER sustain their own shows. But put them together with other similar format (mostly humor) and you have something powerful!
  • Unlike WebJunk or AFV this isn’t random goofy moments (accidents, pants falling, crotch hits). This is the more finely written and produced content And since it features a select few, they’ll have serialized potential like some SNL characters. We’ll look forward to our favorites, and the best will get regular slots.
  • It’s hosted, but the host doesn’t get in the way. Just glues it together. Nothing cute with the host popping up all over the videos via green screen. Ick. Somene cool- not like VH1 WebJunk or America’s Funniest Videos (although I do like the new guy way better than Sagat). But the host here is understated. The videos are the star.
  • One segment per week has a short “behind the virus,” where we meet popular web-lebrities.
  • The show has a website with links to creators, and builds a community around it.
  • This satisfies the space between a television show (with high entry cost) and a small video audience subscribing to a good creator (mostly doing things part time). There’s a huge gap between here.
  • Cost of producing this? Very low. Give the creators a few grand and they’ll be happy.
  • You can imagine a zillion sponsors, can’t you?

I’m happy to executive produce. Have your people contact my people, or just e-mail me when you’re ready to start (see “about” section for contact information). Or at least give me a slot as a creator.

13 Replies to “Pitching Television Show Featuring Viral Video Creators”

  1. Your idea has been successfully stolen and will appear as a blatant copy on CBS in about 3 months. Thank you for doing all the thinking for us.


  2. Nalts this would be ace if it happened, that web junk thing you speak of, i heard about it then found out they put one my vids on , was really miffed they never told me about it tho.

  3. Your idea makes too much sense, the networks can’t think without a laugh track or man bumped, kicked, fall on groin. But if any of the big three did launch, hmm… I wonder who could host it? I wonder…

  4. We talked about this a while back. I’m glad to see you’re willing to executive produce, that’s a hell of a lot of work. I’ll email you directly with some other thoughts I had on this, you’re gonna need help.

  5. I think that you should just go ahead, and put one together, and send it to the big three, and, well, Fox. Something tells me that they actually might be more likely to bite, than the others. I am completely serious. If anyone could pull something like this off, it would be you!

    At the very least, you’d give them a taste of what they’re missing.

  6. “Give the creators a few Grand and they’ll be happy” – you kidding me? We’re talking AT LEAST six figures here, man. With options and the rest. Screw the networks. Do this like Rocketboom – but better. Love your work. Mal in Paris. p.s. My new one – Share the Love is up on YouTube Here You guys get on board and I’ll brand it “Nalts Goes to Hollywood” or whatever the f**k you want.

  7. The CW tests video Web waters: The CW has a reality pilot in the works that proposes putting user-generated content into a weekly TV show. The show would telecast videos from Web sites and other user-generated material that garner the most online attention leading up to the broadcast. (Broadcasting & Cable, 3/26)

    Looks like it’s finally happening … network-style.

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