Brightcove Gets Nearly $60 Million To Play With

Brightcove picked up nearly $60 million in investment money, including some from The New York Times Company. According to MediaPost’s “Online Media Daily,”┬áthe company intends to use the money to expand offerings to advertisers, grow internationally, and build out its consumer site,

Brightcove, according to this insanely well written article, splits ad revenue 50/50 with creators.

5 Replies to “Brightcove Gets Nearly $60 Million To Play With”

  1. Now if only they’d make the uploader/toolkit simpler to use. I suspect it’s designed to discourage amateurs from uploading content. Maybe I should give it a second look. Anything that asks you to generate your own thumbnails (hello, is asking for a punch in the chops…

  2. Oh you’re so right. That “submit your own thumbnail” is RIDICULOUS. First it’s a pain. Second it’s a great way to facilitate bait & switch (I’ll use a thumbnail of Paris Hilton to attract eyes.

    I like Metacafe’s approach of letting you select one. I hate that I have to design my YouTube videos so the center frame is representative. It makes editing a pain and it requires math.

  3. Yeah, I found the uploader discouraging. AND the note that revenue sharing is a FUTURE feature. I found that discouraging, too. Are they sharing NOW? I still won’t upload. Not until they take the rocket science out of the process.

  4. But, the good thing about making your own thumbnail is that you control what it will look like. Metacafe is next best since it will continue to give you more thumbnail choices, if you keep asking for them.
    I agree the BrightCove uploader is not designed for the quick viral video, but where it shines is when you are building a channel with many videos. You group videos into a lineup and then group lineups into one of their multi-liineup player templates.

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