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  1. Love the idea; but not sure on the targeting…Relevancy is everything with Overture and Google AdSense ads. This way you can max out the clicks and therefore the revenue. A quick peak makes me think FlixYa are relying on tags against the videos which I do not believe provide enough data for an accurate match. The other issue here is that Google AdSense type ads work best in a direct response, heavy information centric, and or heavy call to action campaigns. Ads around Viral Video feel very branding centric focused which while viable for AdSense type campaigns for advertisers (the folks who pony up the cash to run these ads) its not the strongest suit for the format.

    For my 2.5 cents I say we need to wait until videos get transcriptions or longer format descriptions (beyond 25 one and two word tags) and this type of technology will get better.

  2. Flixya is interesting but their lack of traffic makes Adsense-based profit sharing an unattractive prospect. They do however have a point system which allows you to eventually redeem stuff like Macbooks and Xbox360s. Good ploy to rein in the teenage demographic.

    I’m pretty interested in this social video monetization myself and have made several detailed reviews of these programs. See my blog archives for more info:


  3. I just checked out Sumo.tv, and not only do they have some of my stuff up, but they have the relevant respose videos. Really meaningless (out of context) response videos. I’m 99% certain they’ve just scraped all this stuff off of YouTube, and the names of the “posters” are just random, bogus bullshit. Why would four different people (re) post a differnet response video each to my ‘smiley’ video? I smell Sumo bullshit…

  4. Sumo (or an agent thereof) grabbed my Revver videos with adlinks intact, so I guess I don’t mind losing out on the AdSense cents and “glory”. I’d have been pissed if they had used my YouTube stuff.

  5. I’m not much of a business man, but I’m kind of suspicious of the “put ’em everywhere that promises to pay” approach. There’s only so much time in the day, and I’d hate to sacrifice too much of it to filling out online forms to submit or upload videos to every tiny site that comes along. Let’s say there are ten of these services that pay, and I put my videos on all of them. At the end of the year, I’ll probably make a little money off the one or two big ones, but the rest… am I likely to make enough off those sites to make it worth the trouble?

    I don’t think so. I only post to revver, youtube, and google video. If I hear that one of the others starts to make it big, I’ll post to them, but right now I’d rather focus on making good videos and building a rep.

    I know people are making money with Metacafe too, but I’m pretty sure you have to use their windows-only upload client, and I don’t run windows.

  6. I’m not sure this solution works based on some of your insights. First, Jack has a really good point about the context of these ads being dependent on title and tag instead of actual content. I could manipulate it by taking videos of my kids and using high-value terms like “viagra” or “digital camera.”

    Second- just like with many offering, you have to find your own traffic. Either you’re a small site where this revenue won’t be meaningful or a large site that should probably identify higher-value advertising revenue. I’m not sure there’s a lot of space in between.

  7. Hi imanartist – You can upload your videos through the Metacafe website, not just the client – in fact, we recommend it.

    You know, we have been doing pretty well too, actualy. We have 3 producers who have earned more than $20,000, and another 5 who have earned over $10,000, inlcuding our friend Zack Scott here (WTG, Zack!)

  8. My advice to you all if your going to manipulate tags on videos for SEM ads at least film it the right way; such as…make a video of you taking ‘Cialis’ (CPC $1.65) while driving your ‘Toyota Minivan’ (CPC $.52) to the ‘Bank’ (CPC $.80) so you can get a ‘Car Loan’ (CPC $3.20) and a new ‘Mortgage’ (CPC $5.89) to cover the cost of your girls ‘breast implants’ (CPC $1.68).

    And yes these are all the actual costs to advertisers as of today ,this minute, and yes you roughly split the CPC in an adsence model.

    And No; I don’t think you will make any money with the above video but maybe the possibility of this working might inspire someone to film this video; which I think could be funny.

  9. What would be my potential earnings on me taking Geritol while driving my GMC 4×4 deisel pickup to the Longview foodbank so I could get some Dept of Agriculture groceries for my big fat sister’s stomach?

  10. Talia Klein: I’ll give it a shot. There was one other thing I didn’t like about metacafe, how you put the ads in front of your videos, the videos didn’t play (for me, using linux), all I got was the ad, it never progressed to the video. I just went back there again (after about a month), and now the videos play, but I don’t see any ads. I watched a couple of Zack’s videos, and right at the beginning for a second it says “this is an ad…”, but it doesn’t appear, it goes straight to the video. Weird.

  11. Hi imanartist,

    Some of the videos have ads, but most of them don’t. As for the Linux thing, it was a known problem (because Linux didn’t support the latest version of Flash), but for the most part it’s been okay lately, to the best of my knowledge.

    Anyway, good luck with your videos on any site you choose to post them on. šŸ™‚

  12. yo Nalts – why’d you delete my comment?

    anyway UmmYeah.com was also one of the first video sites to have a rewards program.

    FlixYa came out afterwards and uses the exact same point system that we have setup:


    More coming soon…

  13. Urbanread.Com and it is a site that delivers current news from across the Internet to you while paying me Google Adsense revenue from the news pages included there. Signing up took about 2 minutes, it was easy, and I really like the concept.

  14. Flixya Has been down for almost 24 hrs now. I had just started posting videos to the site to see if it was worth the trouble. All I’ve had so far is less than a dollar in my adsense account and zero click’s on any of the 100 Revver video’s I’ve uploaded. So Flixya has actually managed to decrease the revenue earning potential of Revver videos.

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