He’ll Draw Anyone for Free. Just Send Him a Video.

His name is Marcos. In this video from December he — after taking a leak — says he’s willing to draw a picture of anyone on YouTube.

drawing.jpgThen quite suddenly one of his videos claimed the coveted feature spot. By last count he had more than 1,000 comments… many included requests for drawings. I’d estimate that by the end of this he’ll have 5,000 or more requests. Now THAT’s going to cramp his hand.

Here’s his first video responding to requests posted on his featured video. I managed to get my request in early, and he drew two of my children from the “Candy Thief” video.

Thanks, Marcos. Nice work! You gotta figure out a way to make money on this, though.

One Reply to “He’ll Draw Anyone for Free. Just Send Him a Video.”

  1. Wow! He did an awesome job drawing Kate and Charlie! Perfect! I’d send him a video, but as swamped as I’m sure he is, I think I’ll wait awhile. I wouldn’t have seen that, if I hadn’t checked in, over here. I guess I should read this more often. =)

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