“Bore Me” Video Contest

bore.jpgI’ve done videos asking people to submit videos. But never before have I received so many responses. Yesterday at Starbucks I invited people to send 30-second videos in which they did their best to bore me.

I got nearly 50 boring responses, some creative ones and a few hysterical ones. The prize I offered was a free 1-month subscription to YouTube (yes, YouTube is free).

Check ’em out. I haven’t even gone through them all yet, but here are some favorites (most are titled RE: Bore Me, so I’ve given them my own names).

It pains me I can’t watch the rest yet because I remain on vacation with very slow video streaming!

15 Replies to ““Bore Me” Video Contest”

  1. Your unboring idea shows just how much people want to be part of a community.

    How about hosting a “Goofiest grin” contest? I might have a shot at Win Place or Show in that one.

  2. I see the winner right there in the screenshot – my goldfish bowl!

    Thanks for the fun contest, nalts. It’s not as easy to come up with a boring idea, as it seems. When you try to be boring, and have others view it as boring, it’s not so easy to actually accomplish. When I brought the camera out, the first thing my son said was, “can I be in your movie?”, and I had to decline, since that would have been far from boring.

    If you ever have a hyper contest, then I know who to cast in the vid!

  3. I believe I have produced, written, directed and starred in the most boring video. This is one I deliberately made boring and I accept your subjective appraisal of other video in my collection that you would esteem beyond the rational boundaries of boredom. There is no accounting for taste. I must caution you that the running time is well beyond the 30 sec limit. My arguement: How can anything be passionatly boring in only 30 seconds?

  4. “Everybody’s is in somebody else’s movie,” says Haskel Wexler and he should know. But being mentioned in a Nalts video can quintuple your viewership. Better get on board, folks!

  5. I think we’re about to crack some 100 responses to this! I can’t wait to put them into a montage.

    Marquis- to be fair you started at an inexplicably low base.

  6. A montage of 100 30 second video clips? That’s 300 seconds or 5 minutes of, well, boring video clips. The idea of sitting through 5 minutes of submitted boring clips just makes me wonder whether some hospital will buy it off you to use as a sleeping drug for patients.

  7. And I’m returning to my inexplicably low base as you can see in the TubeMogul charts I sent. My 15 minutes are over.

    I think you could get the jist of most of the Bore Me responses by clipping them down to 10 seconds each. My math seems to be different from Tripple’s, but I figure that’s 100 x 10 = 1000 seconds or 16 minutes. Hell, there’s your opus. It has a certain Je nes fois gras.

    Il est de quelle année votre salami?

  8. Bore Me video contest? 100 entries?! Can you promote my BorAT video contest for me? merci beaucoup.

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