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logo1.gifA funny thing has happened since YouTube featured my video. I’ve received a number of messages inviting me over to LiveVideo, and discovered this interesting post by Z-lot yesterday. I always figured that YouTube would eventually lose its community to a site that shared revenue with creators. This transition, however, is not about money (as near as I can tell, LiveVideo doesn’t share ad revenue either).

This migration is about two things. First, people want “cutting edge.” That’s why FaceBook got MySpaced. Or was it the other way around? Second, there’s a lot of frustration among YouTubers about the technical problems. This featured LiveVideo clip spoofs the situation by depicting a musician migrating from a neglected basement (YouTube into a sweet flat (LiveVideo).

I parked my Nalts name at LiveVideo but haven’t uploaded or spent much time there. Now that I understand the power of YouTube’s┬ácommunity, I would imagine the barriers to exit/entry are higher than I initially thought. I, for example, wouldn’t want to migrate and leave my original 400 and recent 500 subscribers behind. And I feel a sense of loyalty to YouTube because they featured me.

LiveVideo offers features beyond YouTube like skins, a variety of channel templates, forums, and some unique tools for more sophisticated developers. Otherwise the site is rather similar to YouTube.

What’s fascinating is the level of passion related to YouTube vs. LiveVideo. Search “YouTube” on LiveVideo, or “LiveVideo” on YouTube, and you’ll see the intensity of feelings. Watch the comments that appear on this post. It’s a Boston Tea Party in the making.

migrate1.jpgIt’s seen by some an act of treason to switch. Others have had enough with YouTube and like the “pioneer” feel of LiveVideo. Still others are threatening to leave YouTube but staying put in hopes YouTube will address technical problems.

In the meantime, I’m going to stand back and watch. I’ve never been much of an “early adopter” when it comes to technology. I tend to be a “fast follower.” In general I can’t imagine why people wouldn’t post to both (and view both) until they identified the best fit. I certainly have enough practice uploading my videos to multiple sites.

In the end, however, the winner won’t be the best technical site, or even the logical winner. Remember- beta was always better than VHS.

THIS JUST IN: See Z-Lot’s post about LiveVideo vs YouTube. It inspired this post, and I couldn’t find it again when I wrote this post this morning.

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  1. Nalts- I thought your vid. is amazing. I was wondering if you thought of using your abilities for a viral money maker. I.E. – would you ever consider making a vid. and leaving a link other than this. If so, you may want to look at mr webpage. Thanks, Zack

  2. SPAM is the Paparazzi of the Viral Videosphere*!!!

    SPAM comments… SPAmments, maybe.. or SPOMMENTS…*

    …anyway, now that you’re a big shot, I’ve noticed more spam comments with your notoriety.

    *I’m attempting to coin two new terms in one posting

  3. I know this post isnt about metacafe,but i just checked one of my “producer rewards”videos,which is rotated on their homepage,and its getting just over 3 views per hour.Metacafe support said they found no problem with the view count,but i beg to differ since metacafe is ranked #141 on Alexa…….stay warm all.

  4. (Wow, you’re becoming a real magnet for spammers. )

    There’s more to this whole LV vs YT thing that you’d think… including some dirty games involved.
    To understand what I mean, take a look at my humble blog’s (this is no self-promotion) similarly titled entry from a few days ago. I think it contains some useful info on who is doing what…

  5. Mr. Nalts, since your video was featured on YouTube I was hoping t interest you in featuring some “product placement” for some of my “products” in your future “video blogs”, possibly wearing a “Mark Day” t-shirt and…

    Actually, I jest.

    I wonder if LiveVideo is related to, which I was under the impression may have some MySpace-founder involvement.

    You have to admit, it’s a ballsy move. Rather than try to migrate the “casual YouTube user” who might be interested in “just give me the content….” in the most user-friendly environment, to go after the community itself… it’s bold. If we are to believe your trendiest trend-spotters, early adopters are the first to flee when something becomes too mainstream, but this seems like a stretch.

    Unbelievably, someone has already squatted what would have been my most logical URL.

    If nothing else, the competition may actually accelerate YouTube when it comes to some of the sites more obvious wrinkles. The TubeSpace-alikes like Myheavy and don’t seem to have had any impact in that respect.

  6. Gee, I just hate live video. Their doing it all too poorley. All they want are hit, they have no sence of community. Their whole system sucks for featuring videos. The hit and miss system is just appauling. Sure there are things about it that are really nice, but do we seriously need them? Don’t you think youtube will soon get around to adding them features?

    Youtube arn’t dumb, their owned by google. Youtubes furture has MASSIVE potential, all google and youtube need is a kick up the bottom. They need to listen to their users and do what is asked ASAP, not 5 months later.

    Live video is way too over done, I hate sites that just come onto the market to ‘look’ snazzy. If you’ve been monitering them. They’ve gone from being a nice calm site to having ‘intercourse’ loads of advertising. It’s blatent.




    It’s just like, dude, shut up, get a life. I don’t like self promotion. It’s just nastey and isn’t fair on the market. Youtube did 0% advertising when it first set out. Just through word of mouth it’s gone BOOM. Live video will take many of my beloved subscriptions away, trators!

    I can see a large trend of TRUE youtubers just in my subscriptions list. I made a video testing both live video and youtube out. The picture quality was the same, just a little more stretched (Ikky waste of screen space). The audio was the only major thing that came as a shock but that wasn’t too great. It’s still only a flash file. Once my youtube subscribers saw my video’s I only got 4 comments each one saying ‘Noooo! Trator’.

    When DIVX integrates with youtube THATS when shock will come. Lol, wouldn’t that just be cool? High definition video, 5.1 surround sound. External video player for when you want to navigate off the site.

    I’m going to sit back and watch it all fold out. I’m never moving over to live video. There’s always a nice bed set out for me here on youtube.

    Gah that was so one sided, what a ‘poo’ comment review.

  7. How much revenue does LiveVideo share with its content creators? Zip? Zilch? Zero? (zzz). These “Me too” sites are populated with flamers and flatterers who won’t even offer me a reacharound. I want money, not access to more spomments. Money is the great bullcrap detector. People will flatter you all day long about how creative they think you are until you ask them for a stipend. Then watch them flee.

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