YouTube Accidentally Featured Me

In its ultimate technical glitch, YouTube accidentally featured my “Viral Video Genius.” As we know, a YouTube feature makes or breaks a career. In the next hours I’ll be watching (from the poolside on Vacation) as the ratings roll in. And I’m anticipating an incredible amount of hate mail on the account. This video is one of those you either love or hate with passion.

And it’s a SPOOF, people. A spoof on myself. Self depricating humor.

P.S. This blog can never say anything bad about YouTube again. 🙂

Author: Nalts

Hi. I'm Nalts.

25 thoughts on “YouTube Accidentally Featured Me”

  1. Amazing. Congrats! It is about time. I had actually not yet seen that video, but all I can say is it is the usual Nalts genius, but perhaps moreso. Good work!

  2. Dude, I umm went a little sycho in the comment section of your video. First of all I’m sorry for the language, but it was nessersary. All this time i’ve been telling you that you will be featured. Even on that freaking video. Dude well done! Now buzz off, enjoy your holiday, when you get nack i’ll all be calm again.

    Btw you now have to mention me in every video from now on for taking the time to comment on every one of your videos 😛 It’s in the contract.

  3. And I couldn’t have done it without God, my wife, my kids, my parents, TrippleHelix and Lemonette

    I loved your first response!

  4. I was in a bit of a tired, painful, drunk (yes, friend made me drink), warped, shocked mood. It still hasn’t got to me. I’ll be dreaming about you lol! Your the best viral video producer, maker, filmer, editor, enthusiast ever 🙂 A little nuts to tell you the truth.

    Fox, Youtube, Revver, Metacafe are now all yourse! lol, I’d suggest promoting the exclusive Revver and Metacafe videos you have. Maybe you’ll be bigger than Ze Frank and be able to get $250 donations for your videos.

  5. Congratulations, that is a really funny video. Make a mockumentary sequel of yourself directing some viral video. (You’ll need to wear a beret or thick black frames.)

  6. Hi Kevin, congrats dude, that video is so ACE. Hope the viral video door of opportunity is beaten down by ad men wanting your video vehicles to take them down the internet highway into the sunset of CASH. hahah. don;t fortget me with your sponsor the idiot you know me, Kevin i can be a fantastic idiot lol. But I don;t mind.



  7. I really didn’t see that one coming 😀

    Now, I’m off to read the funny hate comments under the latest featured video 😛 (Please don’t delete any of them.)

  8. hey, buddy!
    I am so mad…I sent you a message(in youtube) as soon as I saw the feature. HOURS AGO. Of course You Tube decides to LOSE IT. Anyway…I momentarily forgot that we can no longer curse YouTube now that you have been featured. In the message I sent, I asked you not to forget who your friends are, etc. Pretty boring stuff, but I just wanted to acknowledge your feature, and tell you how proud I am of you.
    Enjoy your vacation, and if you do have any trouble with anybody, let me know. I made friends with the detectives that helped me when you and the wife decided to stalk me 🙂
    Enjoy the ride! ~~Lanette

  9. Hey Nalts!
    I admit I never saw your videos until it got on the youtube front page but I think it’s hilarious! Good humour that I could show my grandparents and it’s still funny to young people too.
    I would probably buy a DVD if you had all your videos on it and it was not too expensive. Your videos are just plain fun to watch and you can tell there’s work put into them. Great job man, I love it.
    Been an hour and i could hunt for nalts videos all day (favorite one is trying to make daughter laugh), but i should try and get some studying done.

  10. Just make sure you don’t forget those of us who were here BEFORE the big break. (I mean the REALLY big one…)

  11. Congratulations ! I’m watching your work from France since a few months and I can’t stop thinking that you should be known!
    Keep up the good job!
    Send your videos to sometimes… I could do smthg for you 😉

  12. Congrats Nalts, very clever…Now with all of this fame you need a web name that fitst your full circle of abilities.

    How about

    [click on the link that says this site is for sale]

  13. Should have come out here, and commented earlier, but big time congrats on the feature, and new subscribers! You completely deserve it!

    I was so shocked when the browser opened up the YouTube home page, and there was your video! I had to click, and comment right away (well, I’d already seen it, so, it was ok that I skipped straight to the comments, uh, right?)!

    You rock!

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