iPhone Already Matched by Microsoft

zunephone.jpgIt didn’t take the Microsoft long to counter the iPhone. Now DogRodeo has a spoof ad for the ZunePhone. Check out this video, and be sure to watch the last few seconds.

I’m not usually one for parody commercials but this was extremely well done. Funnier than most Saturday Night Live commercial parodies and produced quickly for a topical punch. It gives me hope that amateurs can continue to reign.

On a less humorous but interesting front, here’s a CBS story that demos Mac’s new iPhone.

Both videos courtesy of Viral Video Chart.

2 Replies to “iPhone Already Matched by Microsoft”

  1. I stumbled across this one yesterday while catching up on the ubiquitous “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC…” parodies and it is, indeed, excellent. Fast, topical and geeky – isn’t that all one can ask for these days? Bravo.

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