Atom Films Pays for idonothingallday “best of 2006″

b.jpgAtom Films is still kicking. I haven’t gone in a while because the opressive prerolls are too much for my V-ADHD. But I was glad to hear that Patrick from was paid for a “best of” video.

Patrick, as regular WVFF readers will recall, takes videos of pretty women in NYC. If you find this creepy remember that Patrick “doesn’t dress them in the morning.” I suppose he wishes he did, but he doesn’t.

Here’s his own description of his work:

I do nothing all day is a collection of NYC ultra-reality viral video clips offering a guilt-free voyeuristic view of the most beautiful, hippest, sexiest, most fashionable, most daring, best styled, and wonderfully free spirited women seen everyday on the streets of the Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods that I roam. Guilt free because most (over 95%) of these women were asked for permission ahead of time which is why we get the smiles, waves, and even a few kisses.


Here’s WillVideoForFood’s “inside Idonothingallday” video.

3 Replies to “Atom Films Pays for idonothingallday “best of 2006″”

  1. Gee I havn’t been to that site since they stoped the use of their Auto viral video downloading software. I was so sad to see it gone I left atom films in search for some other viral video site.

    Atom Films Rule!

  2. Hey, I work at AtomFilms and just want to thank you for the shoutout! Glad you guys came back and like what you see, as we just relaunched the site 12/4/06 with awesome new features (including the ability to embed films and view films full screen and no more annoying pop-up viewing window). I know everyone gets annoyed at the pre-rolls, but we have revenue share deals with all the filmmakers so it’s the only way we can pay ’em (we partner with filmmakers so they can keep delivering kick-ass films for us to enjoy). If you guys liked I Do Nothing All Day, check out our hilarious HellHoles series…imagine Evil Dead meets the Big Lebowski!

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