Mickipedia Visits Philly

mick-copy.jpgDuring the holidays a bunch of video bloggers (the kids call us vloggers) got together in Philadelphia. Micki Krimmel, the Revver’s V-Pixie, captured some of it and made a talkie. See it on Mickipedia. She did a lot of editing because I’m pretty sure she had about 30 minutes of b-roll of the raw meat for the Cheesesteaks.

The Daily Reel’s Alexandre Delyle and Felicia Williams make a cameo here. They’re way better looking in person than their photos suggest. Micki, however, is best seen on video. You can see by this photo that she has a face for low-resolution video.

There were at least three people in that crowd with ZeFrank’s phone number, but nobody would let me crank call him.

The night culminated in a visit to the set of The Best Damn Tech Show, Period. Here’s the show they taped that night. Find me like you would Lowly Worm in a nice Richard Scarry book. The guys from this show now how to have fun.
I haven’t edited my footage of the night yet because there’s so much incriminating stuff on the tape.

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  1. nalts
    Dude, what’s with the Eric Stolz ‘Mask’ routine on Mickie’s face?
    Also, not sure if I’d want my kids to see video of me falling down drunk in the streets of Philly. But.. kudos for getting recognized by the guys on TheBestDamnTechShow (I guess.)

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