I Auditioned a New Family

n1.jpgI’m really getting excited about online-video “serialized storytelling,” but still experimenting with the content and delivery mechanism. By this I mean fewer one-hit wonders like Blackberry Crackberry, and more narratives in 1-3 minute “chunks.” The goal is to keep people in suspense and coming back. Of course it doesn’t happen easily unless you have loyal subscribers on YouTube and/or RSS my videos, or visitors to your own site — like LonelyGirl15.com.

n11.jpgGooTube Conspiracy was an initial experiment with participative storytelling (see this trailer assembled by a NYC filmmaker based on footage). It’s continuing later this month. But over the past few days I tried a new one where I basically replaced my family with other actors and actresses (played by unwitting New Years house guests).

Here’s the story in 4 videos:

  1. The talent agent that manages the actors and actresses playing my wife and kids wants more money in 2007. I refuse and he decides to expose me as fraud by putting this footage online (see on Revver; see on YouTube)
  2. Since I’m not making much money on the characters, I resort to open auditions. I find a substitute wife and kids who aren’t quite the match (see on Revver; see on YouTube).
  3. I take the new family out for football and rocket shooting. It’s downright awkward, and I run into the talent agent who says he’s getting the old family on Nickelodien (see on Revver; see on YouTube).
  4. Finally I’m reunited with the old family when the agent is drove to near insanity representing my kids. (see on Revver; see on YouTube) .

I was planning to play this out a bit longer, but I had a few people really disturbed that I’d switched families. And at least a couple that thought I was serious. This would have been painful to watch in one sitting, but I think it works better in 4 clips.

Can I be the next LonelyGirl15? Doubt it. But I’m learning a lot about what people want and don’t want, and entertaining myself. Which is half the point, isn’t it?

P.S. Here’s how you subscribe to “Nalts” on YouTube or RSS my videos via Revver.

7 Replies to “I Auditioned a New Family”

  1. Let me know when you open auditions for boss and co-workers. I wouldn’t want to miss the casting call.

  2. A few things:

    1. Keith Duarte bears a striking resemblance to Ted McGinley… beware of the ted effect!
    2. 2 1/2 minutes is still too long. Shoot for 90 – 120 seconds.
    3. Revver link on item #4 above is to the wrong video… had to use YouTube link, now you’re $.005 poorer.

  3. From a personal opinion i don’t really like the things you’ve done so far. The actor switching was good because it was very short the gootube conspiracy just ran way too long got boring and tottally lost it. I seriously prefer 1-2 minute sketches.

  4. I’m a big fan. The “behind the scenes” of this is really a riot, and worth it. Thanks for sharing this with your audience, and I look forward to seeing more of it.

  5. personally, i loved the whole new family thing. i found it really funny when people thought it was real. i liked gootube, and i’m glad you have your own spereate account for that because i had really started missing the old videos with your family.

    I definately agree tho that people like videos that are shorter as opposed to longer. That goes for any videos i watch.

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