18 Replies to “My Fox Appearance”

  1. Showing the reporter and his camera in iMovie on your desktop… nice touch! Congrats on the coverage. I hadn’t seen that garbage can one before… nice! Happy New Year!!!

  2. You know what? That was his idea. So I shot the video and put it on the Mac. I’d never met the reporter but he’s inspired me to finally write the viral video book. Cool guy.

  3. Nalts this is amazing, I wish the British media would take some interest in online video, ah well in like 6 months they will wakeup to it I guess / I hope.

  4. Marquis- what’s an auteur anyway?

    Davideo- CONGRATS! Putting the clip up? Can I say “I knew you when,” or would I have had to know you pre-Pepsi Girl to say that?

  5. Nalts, one of these days you are going to end up being a real Weatherman on the weather channel and I’ll be in the corner of my office in the fetal position crying…oh wait. I already do that, so…business as usual.
    Media Mogirl

  6. I’m so sad you didn’t win! 🙁 Our local DJ just won the Alka Seltzer jingle contest. Have you thought about entering other ones?

    PS– I got one of the Butterfinger shirts in the mail– they are very disturbing.

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