Dove Beauty Video (Parody)

zbmouth.jpgYou’ve all seen the Dove viral video that shows a homely girl being transformed into a model. Now watch the spoof video, as Nalts gets transformed from a balding, fat video guy into vlogger celebrity, ZeFrank.

I did ask ZeFrank if he’d humor me with a high resolution version of his face to do this. It was no surprise he decided to ignore me, so I hit Flickr and Google Images to find the best I could.

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  1. LMFAO That was AWSOME! Is that chinese woman your slave? She does your laundry and your hair dressing 😛 She must think your weird. Only 10 more years and you should have a nice slap head 🙂

  2. That slob parody kicks mine in the butt.

    That salonist is actually Vietnamese. Not the same one as the dry cleaning. I got some great footage of this lady. It’s worthy of another video.

  3. Nalts,did u catch Zefrank on CNN? They played one of his videos on Dec 24? Afterwards,the commentator said” wow,someone get that guy some visine!”….lmao. P.S. Are you having trouble accessing metacafe? It seems to only be online for a minute or two at a time,and this has been a problem for like 6 weeks now! i emailed metacafe support and they said the site has been down for very brief periods of time….I think its only been “up” for brief periods! I was going to leave a link to one of my videos,but you’ll have to settle for pee wees playhouse instead….ENJOY! {:-O

  4. wanna hear something funny?…….one of my videos on metacafe had 7 comments,all offensive,and i removed them….then this guy comes along:”Sweet…
    … needed that, thanx… O_o all the comments deleted?”
    replyby: Serbian_terrorist

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