I’ve Earned a Penny from Eefoof

eefoof.jpgI don’t like to criticize sites when I don’t earn money on them, but this is just too funny to ignore. I’ve uploaded my best videos on Eefoof and after a few months I’ve got the results. The little “my earnings” icon (an image of a pile of gold) revealed my total is exactly one cent.

Do you suppose they’ll mail it as a check or just send a shiny penny?

I haven’t given up on Brightcove and Blip, but I haven’t made any money there. So far I’ve made about $3,000 on Metacafe and $2,000 on Revver.

I know some of you have had luck with Lulu (Davideo for instance) but I haven’t yet given that a ride.

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  1. Hmm, I prefer the community to money 😛 (sneaky poop) lol. Although the revver and metacafe prices seem awsome… If only I was able to bring myself to giving out my personal information to random websites offering me money…

    Oooh i can match your earnings on Eefoof just by looking on the *sidewalk*.

  2. I like the community of YouTube too. But ideally I’d love to have a residual revenue stream from my videos. That’s what this blog’s about. My hope is that the sites figure out how to give us the best of both.

  3. I’m starting to think Eefoof is just a big practical joke,seriously! To upload an image,you have to upload the image,and a thumbnail,but each with different names,and ending with”filename.ext”,which means you have to rename all your images and videos.And the Name “Eefoof”,WTF is that,im guessing its someones cat named foofee spelled backwards? Also their ad revenue keeps declining every month,which was nothing to begin with.ok im tired of talking about these losers! Whatcha gonna do with that penny nalts? make a wish? lol

  4. I think you’ll find eefoof is a play on the words F Off, which is also short for fu..actually nevermind. Forget I said anything…

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