Biker Uses Video to Fundraise for Learning Disabilities

8wish2.jpgFor a good example of using video for a social cause, check out 8 Wishes. Paul Sanchez is raising money for children with learning disabilities, and took a solo bike trip around the U.S. He’s now half way through his 30-day mission to have these 8 wishes met:

  1. Raise one million dollars
  2. 100 million views of this video (the most popular viral video ever, Evolution of Dance, has had 37 million)
  3. Be interviewed by Oprah
  4. Interview Paul Orfala
  5. Interview Sir Richard Branson
  6. Interview Charles Schwab
  7. Be on 21 talk shows
  8. All in 30 days (deadline Jan. 10, 2007)


6 Replies to “Biker Uses Video to Fundraise for Learning Disabilities”

  1. Hey, if you don’t set unrealistic goals to be disappointed by, then you end up finding realistic and achievable goals to disappointe you… like ending world hunger or improving the education system…

    (BTW: I have tried many times to sit through that evolution of dance video… I can’t make it past minute 3. It reminds me of a high school talent show… ugh)

  2. Even if I don’t get 1 wish and only raise 10,000 there is no doubt in my mind that the Internet has the power to grant all my wishes! I just need to get featured on youtube and it will take off. I got on the front page of digg twice and on Fox News (national) because of the youtube video. I also did upload up to metacafe and revver (I have to check on revver, but I think I did).

    Its all about getting featured on youtube. Since it looks like that is not going to happen I may start focusing on other video sites.

    Kevin I have not uploaded it to AOL, so I will do that now. I have a list of 60 sites to upload it to so I will get on that.

    Thanks Kevin! We should talk by phone today if you have a chance.


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