Coke & YouTube Team on “WishCast” vGreetings

renetto.jpgWant to send someone a holiday video right from Famed YouTubers like Geriatric1927 or Renetto?

Coca-Cola is sponsoring a viral video “wishcast,” through which you can send a YouTube video (some are personalized by creators, and others are classic Coke ads). To my knowledge, it’s the first large-scale combination of eGreetings and videos… hence the name vGreetings. See for more details, or visit

When I initially learned about his, I was expecting some of the YouTubers to be hawking Coke. Instead, they were given freedom on their message. And, of course, you can send some of the vintage Coke ads like the animated polar bear.

scarysanta.jpgAlthough nothing beats falling asleep next to the fire by the soothing songs of Renetto. Is it just me or does he go unnaturally long between blinks?

Too bad Coke didn’t ask me. I’d have given them my “Scary Santa.” I think it would have been popular with the parents trying to terrify their kids.

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