Kidnapped by YouTube

kidnappedyoutube.jpgI’m going to have difficulty keeping up with the blog posts this week because I’m “on the lamb.” As some of you might have seen, YouTube founders Steven Chen and Chad Hurley kidnapped me in their basement. I was able to escape. Now I’ve warned my wife, and I’m going to keep away from my usual spots until I figure out a game plan.

To see the whole collection on YouTube click here (be sure to subscribe to see it unfold). To view on Revver click here.  

I can only guess the big guys at YouTube and Google have had enough of me blogging about other video sites. Would appreciate any of your tips for living out of my car. I’m sure one or two of you have done it.

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  1. Google killed a great grassroots phenomenon, but the good thing is, there are umpteen alternatives that can make youtube yesterday’s news.

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