Viral Video with a Cause

This certainly isn’t the only cause-driven use of viral video, but I thought I’d showcase it as further proof that online videos don’t have to be funny and profitable.

A neighbor of ours (whose kids play with our kids) is on a mission to help save and improve lives of animals who are left at empovershed shelters. She founded recently. and traveled to a very unfunded animal clinic in West Virginia. She brought video footage back, and I interviewed her to put this piece together.

Will people ever see this video clip (called “Forgotten Animals in Appalachia”?) Hopefully. Will they visit the site and take action? Not in any great numbers, but it only takes a few people who are wealthy, charitable and share a passion for this cause.

Maybe you know someone who cares for animals and wants a simple way to get funding directly to those in need. Like many charities, CanineLifeline is selling donation cards for the holidays. More interestingly, they’ll collect your used items and put them on sale at eBay, Craigslist and other websites. The revenue goes directly to the shelters in need.

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  1. amazing cause…there is so much need in the world on so many levels. i hope that people will give a little to help these animals and perhaps, these people as well. they all seem to need a great deal in terms of resources.

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