Taking Metacafe WAY Seriously

mm.jpgSo I’ve made some decent money on Metacafe, and I’ve decided it’s time to “take it to the next level.” A friend of mine (ZackScott) cracked $8,000 by posting various mind tricks. So I’ve uploaded as many of my favorites as I can find.

Feel free to watch them on Metacafe. For every 1,000 views I take home a crisp $5 dollar bill.

Here is my collection.

5 Replies to “Taking Metacafe WAY Seriously”

  1. my views dropped by 99% for almost a month now,so my “producer rewards”video will never make it to the 20,000 payment threshold.REVVER is paying out very nicely! But i have to do my own advertising.P.s. fuck metacafe!

  2. Guys, guys, why all the hate? Before Producer Rewards kicked off, the only way to make money from your videos was through revenue sharing with sites that offered it. Revenue sharing is a perfect solution for a site with limited traffic. It allows the site to regulate expenditure by tying it to income. Metacafe offers a unique solution – an upfront payment based on the popularity of your videos on the site regardless of Metacafe’s ability to monetize the content.

    The keyword here is “popularity”. How does Metacafe define popularity or success. The simple truth is that Metacafe doesn’t. There is no editorial team cherry-picking the “good” stuff and sticking it on the front page. Every video lives or dies on its own merits. The community, of which you are all members, decides what succeeds by watching or ignoring and by ranking, commenting, etc.

    I will admit that there is a degree of capriciousness involved. The same video may perform differently if released in the early hours of Thanksgiving morning as opposed to during the 11:00 coffee break on a dull Wednesday, but these things are beyond Metacafe’s control. If we really knew how things worked we’d tell everyone. It’s in our interest, remember, that everyone succeed.

    As for the threshold… we are proud that it is difficult to reach it and those that surpass it are justifiably proud too. Unlike other sites, Metacafe isn’t just about sharing video. Metacafe is an entertainment destination. We want to ensure that anybody who visits is treated to the most popular and successful videos on the web, not just the largest number of mediocre videos. If another site chooses to pay you for 15,000 views, you should go for it. Your contract with Metacafe is non-exclusive freeing you up to make whatever choices you want.

    In absolute terms Metacafe has more videos that have over 1 million views than any other online video site, including those with over 40 times the absolute number of videos. You have a better chance at Metacafe than at any other site and we are the only site that pays you based on your success, rather than our success in selling ads.

    Good luck, everyone.

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