Watch What You Upload: Web as Global Memory Bank

Gerry McGovern, an “expert on managing web content,” has warned that Web users are leaving a personal record and history on the web, which may one day come back to haunt them. McGovern’s caution coincides with the release of his new book “Killer Web Content” published by AandC Black on 29th November.

Says Gerry McGovern:

“Everybody who writes emails and blogs, or who leaves voicemails, needs to think a lot more about what they are writing and saying. The Web gives the impression of this informal, casual place, but that’s a mirage. It’s like a court of record, where everything you write can be used for you—or against you—at some future point. “The Web has become a global memory bank. Before the Web came along, denial was a reasonably strong strategy, but that is no longer a case. The Web is rolling 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and so much information is being recorded that can later turn up on Google or YouTube.

McGovern should know. Here’s a recent video of him losing his cool when a “Laugh Factory” bit went out of control.