Michael Richards (Kramer) Does Racist Tirade

kramer.jpgHere’s the video clip you’ve been searching for… it’s Michael Richards from Kramer having a racist tirade at the Laugh Factory.

As Leno said, “I had a horrible gig last night. I had to follow Michael Richards at the Laugh Factory.”

What I love about online video is that we can all see this exactly as it happened. No public relations spin… just pure, unadulterated racism.

Here’s Richards’ apology on Letterman. I might have thought it was a prank until I found this and news stories covering the event.

Author: Nalts

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2 thoughts on “Michael Richards (Kramer) Does Racist Tirade”

  1. what sparked this tirade,from what i heard, is when the heckler said”my friend doesnt think your very funny”.If richards was a professional,he would have simply ignored the guy.The sad part(besides the obvious racism),is that these WERE paying fans of his.once again a Hollywood ego,out of control!

  2. makes me sad… i’ve read some comments about how it was more a sign of stage panic than racism, but i can’t believe that someone would default to that tirade as their first line of defense without having some sort of repressed racism.

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