Need Detox of YouTube

200.jpgI still wouldn’t bet on Google making its money back on the YouTube sale. But I do need to confess to spending an inordinate amount of time on YouTube lately.

I satired myself with this video celebrating my approach of 200 subscribers.  And today I finally made it (see graphic).

In other noteworthy YouTube news MadV’s “One World,” as of this writing, has received a record-setting 1895 video responses. That’s remarkable. Mine was titled “I Forgot,” and it’s lost in the pack.

I’ve received 5 video responses to my “One Drink” parody of it.

8 Replies to “Need Detox of YouTube”

  1. Marquis- they cue quietly. I finally noticed your video because I was browsing my subscription of your videos. Then I went into the cue and brought it live.

    PC- that’s my new green screen. I’m going to make crappy training videos with it.

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