“One World” Has Palms Across Globe with Permanent Markers

madv.jpgMadV— the masked street magician who does tricks to hip-hop music — is back after a 6-month hiatus with “One World.”

The video invites YouTubers to respond with something written on their hands. MadV was on several video sites (and once dominated the “most popular” section of Revver for weeks), and then vanished because of an alleged television deal.

This post initially suggested his featuring was “advertorial.” As you’ll see from comments below, this wasn’t the case…

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  1. I smell cookies!
    I was pondering this strange circumstance…could it be advertising for the music in his video? A product called “One World”? Golden ring? Something to do with 4th of December?
    – but I never really paid much attention to the fact that it could be a show advertisement. That’s just too direct and can always backfire.

    1: Please, include links to videos of YouTubers who have expressed outrage, I know there’s some eternally grumpy people there but we need proof.
    2: Consider this: MadV is an old YouTuber from the time when the site wasn’t very crowded yet, which means that there’s a very high chance for some of YT staff to be subscribed to his channel.
    I think the path to his featuring went something like this:

    A: He uploads the video, his subscribers see it, a few of them make video responses (starting with ZenArcher). One of YT employees who watched the responses or the original sees it as a great idea and passes it on, it circles around and lands in editor’s inbox – of course, she realizes it’s a great idea and features it asap.

    or B: MadV, perhaps even his representatives bombard YT editor with mail, explaining how big of a momentum and an opportunity for everyone featuring this video could create. And then, the editor features it. Asap.

    Of course, there has to be C: Possibilities A and B happen simultaneously, which makes the editor feature MadV’s video even more asap.

    Watcha think, cowboy?

  2. Marquis- love the video. Didn’t realize it was you until the blessing.

    Z-lot… I saw some videos and I can’t find them for the life of me. There was one serious rant about the features being ads. I’ll keep digging, because I did feel bad posting that without an example.

    Your theories are plausible. I hope he’s back in a non-LonelyGirl15 way… his videos were unique and often satired.

  3. hi nalts

    well, i was surprised to see this given that you made a response yourself!

    I promise this is nothing to with with advertising anything!
    It would be somewhat crass of me to use people’s good will sentiments to make a quick buck, wouldn’t it?
    After 4th Dec you’ll see the results of this project – it’s more about inspiring people and bringing a little light to YouTube than anything else.

    You question the reason the One World video got featured –
    I have been in contact with the guys at head office, ever since my first videos first became popular. When I made this video I sent them an e-mail explaining that I was trying to create something special, and I got the response that they would feature it because they liked the idea. They also said they would make their own response (which as of yet I haven’t seen).

    So, don’t worry – there’s nothing ulterior going on.

    If you liked the One World idea – just wait till my next YouTube project!

  4. Well, I hope this thing’s settled now…

    Oh and by the way, did anyone notice that the video itself was an excellent stress test for YouTube’s video response system?
    They managed to fix (and upgrade) it in a matter of days after it got broke!
    Yes, days, not months or seasons! That’s pretty unbelievable.. but it is a good sign for the future.

    Now excuse me, I have some new MadV’s response videos to watch.

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