The UCLA Library: A Dangerous Place to Read

Here’s the video clip of that UCLA student (Mostafa Tabatabainejad) that got zapped/tased a few times because he didn’t have an I.D.

The interesting thing is the crowd watching this blatant abuse of power mostly hung out asking for I.D. numbers.

For more details, check out this NBC11 report from San Fran.

Mostafa Tabatabainejad. The Rosa Park of ID badges.

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1 thought on “The UCLA Library: A Dangerous Place to Read”

  1. What amazed me even more than the video were the anti-American comments of the video viewers in response to the video. Pro-police abuse comments are anti-American in my book. Those six or seven burly cops could not have been worried enough about their personal safety in escorting one skinny UCLA nerd out of the library to have to had to tazer the little jerk 5 times. Gimme a break, fascists. I served my country to protect the Constitution, not to acquiesce to zapping loudmouths for the machismo rush.

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