“Tell Me You Got That” Video Contest by Sony

telmm.jpgoct.jpgA Revver.com ad took me to this octopus eating video that promotes the “Tell Me You Got That” video. It’s a bit long, but very funny (largely based on the guy who delivers the catch phrase with perfect tone). There don’t appear to be any other “Tell Me You Got That” videos on Revver or the site, but the contest (see contest site) seems to be on the fifth rotation.

You can just imagine the process of getting this contest together based on the mistakes.download.jpg

  1. The Revver ad takes you to the tellmeyougothtat url, which redirects to Sony’s site. When you go deeper in the contest you’re redirected to an iw.rtm.com site that houses the contest.
  2. The callout says “download your video.” It reminds me of my dad, mixing up download/upload.
  3. There are only two entries to date and neither play (at least on my Mac).

And, still, the video is hysterical. I’ve got money this was done by a large creative agency with one “interactive” guy.