Coke Video Contest Prank Call

While Coke is back in the news with its contests, I thought it might be time to dust off this old video. It’s me calling Revver CEO Steven Starr. I play John Doig, an Australian ad agency executive representing Coke.

As I look back at this I’m clear why he busted me. This is, quite possibly, the fakest Australian accent ever.

Still, I like the quote that “Coke is shit-colored sugar water without branding.”

3 Replies to “Coke Video Contest Prank Call”

  1. does all your revver revenue go to your dentist?
    opening a beer bottle with your teeth is macho if you can do it in one swoop… gnawing through the cap for 30 seconds just means you’re too lazy to go through the junk drawer.

  2. The trick is not to CRACK the beer open. Get a secure grip with the strong teeth and bend very slowly. Do not try this with Heineken.

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