They’re Watching Too

If you’re worried that your information technology people are watching your online video habits, you may find relief in a recent MediaPost article by Wendy Davis.

geek1.jpgUniversal McCann and KnowledgeStorm surveyed more than 5,300 business and IT professionals last month, asking them about online video, social networks and wikis. Nearly all respondents said they viewed online video,¬†and 63% of respondents said they view online videos at least once a week. More than half of respondents–57%–said online video had an impact on work-related IT purchase decisions.

Researchers have not yet determined if IT professionals skew higher than norm because nobody else will talk to them.

4 Replies to “They’re Watching Too”

  1. Is IT watching your browsing/viewing habits? My guess is they’re blocking sites and services, but not watching everyone’s sites visited. The amount of work they’d have to do just to reprimand you for looking at questionable content is a full-time job.

    IF they’re blocking certain services (streaming media, large downloads, etc.) it’s because they’re protecting the costs and security of the organization… not because they’re power hungry.

    …and before you ask – the answer is no, i’m not an IT person, but I interact with them regularly at my client sites. They’re a misunderstood breed… they’re smarter than you, they just can’t match their socks and they often forget to shower because people like us call them at 2AM and ask them why our email is down.

  2. your memory is failing… it was that crazy writer chick who thought we were given speakerphones because they were reversible and the company execs would routinely tap into our phone to listen to what you were saying…

    and they were watching me… i had a catheter intalled so they couldn’t see me peeing…

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