Target Persona of Each Popular Video Site

The real test of a video site’s audience is what videos are featured or highly rated. This analysis by Steve Bryant of ReelPopBlog shows the top video of each site.

Partially fueled by this research and partially from my own vast experience of getting lost in these sites, here is…

Nalts‘ analysis on the “persona” of your representative user of the important video sites.

nerd.jpgYouTube: 19-year-old male. Lives with parents in San Diego. Has part-time job and recently broke up with girlfriend. His high-school classmates called him Booger and he can light his own farts (and rarely misses an occasion to demonstrate this).

Metacafe: Born in Europe, he lives in NYC with an alcoholic roommate. He’s 27 years old and works in the PR department of a music production company. He surfs porn at lunch, but purges his own cache.

iFilm: Female. Lives alone with cats. Still one project away from completing film school. Interns at Cleveland-based television station where her boss flirts with her.

Revver: Democrat. Was unpopular in college but didn’t care. Was smart enough to get A’s without studying, and smoked weed to escape the absurdity. Went to school in Northeast but has settled in LA where she’s working for a software firm and writing a novel she’ll not likely publish.

Google Video: Housewife. Hoping people doesn’t notice she’s 40. Likes Cathy comic strip. Doesn’t realize there are other places besides Google to find online videos.

MySpace: Goth. Unknown gender. Smokes. Once got caught with his neighbor throwing lit matches at his dog.

Author: Nalts

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2 thoughts on “Target Persona of Each Popular Video Site”

  1. See also:

    MSN Soapbox: Mid twenties Microsoft marketing drone. Still under “double secret probation” since showing up at work with iPod and Apple t-shirt. Wants to look at YouTube but now Bill won’t let him.

    AOL Uncut: Your grandmother. Scared of the internet, but likes looking at pictures of cats. Finds the name “uncut” mildly distasteful but not sure why.

    MyHeavy: Dude! This is like porno! Check it out! Only, damn, why won;t she show some nipple? This is gay! Let’s listen to more limpbizkit and watch some real porno! At least till my Mom comes home from work.

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