Copyright Infringed But Too Lazy To Act on It

I keep finding my videos making their way to Google in someone else’s name. Here are two people claiming my Burger King bit. It’s flattering, and it’s not like they’re making money on it. But I do wish they’d provide accurate credit in their descriptions. They’re trading on my worthless brand.
The Google video folks directed me to their DCMA policy. It requires actually writing a letter. A letter? Maybe after I take a nap.

Hey, that’s my video. I recognize myself in it. No fair. (yawns). I’m gonna write a letter… you’ll see…. zzzzzz.

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  1. But DANG, they got 255,000 views and ruined your ability to “sell” it! I’d write a letter when you get up from your nap. SOMEBODY made money on it, and there name is Legion, uh, Google.

  2. Woodblock. Keen eye. No wonder there were so many comments. More than a quarter of a million views. If Google sells ads at $15 CPM (per thousand impressions) than they made nearly $4,000 on my little Burger King bit. And I made… nothing.

  3. I used to find my stuff on there and got really annoyed, so i emailed google and told them would they kindly take it off and they said i would have to write to them and then supply them with an Email address, as that is there preferred method of reply!!!! How rude.

    Like i have to post a letter to the US and they get to just email, I emailed back and told them (as at the time i was getting 100k visitors a week) i would pass it along to the viral video community that Google steals videos from creators and they removed it, but it was such a long winded anal thing with them, whereas Youtube they always oblige usually within 4 days.

  4. Hey, why don’t you use a cheap method of copy protection: put a transparent Nalts “logo” in the corner of your video clips. Like the networks do – it’s called a “bug”.

    OR put a transparent address across the bottom of the screen. They could crop it out, but that would take work.

    Most thieves are lazy… it’d be like the club for your car. It’s not that the average thief can’t bust through one, it’s that the car next to yours doesn’t have one…

  5. Copyright Infringement is sooo wrong, and it should be stopped. I have been trying to implement my company’s Anti-Piracy campaign for a few months now. Those who want to join in to Stand Up and Speak out against piracy are more than welcomed to visit the online shop.

  6. Every once in a while a post gets comments. I guess this one struck a nerve. Good call on the watermark. I just can’t figure out how to make it subtle enough on iLive. It feels cheesy to run a super.

    Hmmmm. Dust mites. Oh yeah.

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