I’m The “The Harold & The Purple Crayon” of Online Video

I may not make the best videos on the web, but I’ve got a psychic power emerging. I make a video spoof of something and it comes real. I’m the friggin’ “Harold and the Purple Crayon” of online videos.

This has happened a few times… the most significant one was when I created Crackberry Blackberry (video). Then weeks later there was a study released about the impact of Blackberry addiction.

orderperfect.jpgIn recent news, I created “Burger King Outsources Order Taking (video)” this summer to spoof how fast food restaurants may outsource order-taking overseas. On Monday (Nov. 6) Exit 41, Inc. announced it patented Order Perfect ™ order processing approach:

With the Exit41 Order Perfect solution, the customer places an order via a multiple lane drive-thru, phone or the Web; the order is taken by specialized agents at an Order Center; and the order is entered in real-time and sent electronically to the restaurant as it is received. Exit41’s proprietary Picture Perfect technology enables the restaurant to match the right order to the right customer.

hcrayon.jpgIs it too early or egotistic to boast about my new psychic powers? I think not. I’m an insecure creative guy and a blogger, for goodness sakes.

Maybe it’s time to make a spoof video about the U.S. pulling out of the Middle East because it’s all nice ‘n peaceful there.

2 Replies to “I’m The “The Harold & The Purple Crayon” of Online Video”

  1. No surprise here. Stopped at McD’s a few months back and got somebody straight from the Soviet Bloc. A few days later at a different McD’s and asked for extra napkins and got a blank stare. That’s what I get for not learning how to say “napkin” in Spanish.

    And it touches close to home for me as I work in a call center. We outsourced two years ago to India. It bombed. Last year we outsourced to Salt Lake City. It bombed. This year, it’s Manila. Early indications say it will bomb as well.

    And if you making a video is all it takes to get our troops back home where they can do good by working on public works projects, please do it.

  2. I’d say that only proves that no one enjoys customer service over the phone, not that outsourcing will never work.

    i mean, who doesn’t have a customer service horror story among us?

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