LonelyGirl15 is Lonely No More

lonely_girl_starr_418×524.jpgLonelyGirl15 is lonely no more. She’s found Steven Starr, the affable The photo is from an interesting CNet story about Revver and Starr.  According to the piece:

Starr was formerly a talent agent at the William Morris Agency, where he worked with such actors, directors and writers as Ben Stiller, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ang Lee and Tim Robbins. One of the first movies Brad Pitt starred in was a 1991 film called “Johnny Suede,” a movie produced by Starr.

Weird. I’ve never heard Starr name drop. He’s as humble as they come. When I posted my first videos up nearly a year ago (see “Revver Interns,” “Rich on Revver” my wife’s “Inside Revver“), Starr called  with some of his staff in the background to thank me!

Now that YouTube has been sold for $1.65 billion and left creators holding empty wallets, it finally appears that mainstream media is starting to discover Revver and the “pay for content” model.

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  1. All this time I’ve been thinking about getting paid for my own content. Never even thought about creating a temporary “house of cards” business model on the backs of other people’s content and then turning it. Stupid mba in entrepreneurship. A lot of good it’s doing me.

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