AOL Buys Banners on YouTube

I can just hear the internal dialogue on this banner campaign…


  • AOL VP of Marketing: Why are we still running ads on YouTube?
  • AOL Media Buyer: Because you told me it might help in our negotiations to buy YouTube.
  • AOL VP of Marketing: Well Google bought them, idiot. They’re our competition in case you’re not keeping up on these things.
  • AOL Media Buyer: But you signed the insertion order yourself, sir. And we’ve committed for 8 more weeks.
  • AOL VP of Marketing: Can you change the creative?
  • AOL Media Buyer: It will increase the CPM. But we can change it. What would you prefer?
  • AOL VP of Marketing: “Click here to get the hell off YouTube and check out AOL Uncut.” Or something to that effect.

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