9 Replies to “Almost $4K on Metacafe”

  1. Congrats Nalts and Zack! Maybe y’all should be giving out some tips to the others instead of asking for them yourself…

    The last link isn’t working on the post. Ooops!

  2. i hate that site i have over $100 earned right now and the will not even answer my email wtf is that

    they piss me off

  3. They seem to like cats….sleeping,playing,crapping,dead,doesnt matter,and im talking “producer rewards” too! Or videos of 14 year olds being raped on a bus…that was actually on metacafe,but i didnt watch it,im not into that kinda thing.anyways,congrats nalts and zack.Now if u can just catch that”viruses” guy!

  4. Nalts, I hate when that happen – the computer does what you say instead of you mean. 🙂

    And Metacafe takes a while to get back sometimes, but they always get back to you. They probably get a lot of emails every day so it takes a few days to email everyone back. A

    nd yeah, the people on Metacafe seem to really like cats. But they had a rape scene? Was it from a movie or something? It’s hard to believe they would actually have a real rape on there…

  5. Yo Nalts,maybe if you order another pizza for youtube headquarters,they will get back online by the end of this year? Oh,and order one for metacafe too,they’ve been down for most of two weeks! I’m guessing that youtube is replacing all the videos with google adsense.Bummer dude!

  6. Yo nalts,i forgot the link to my new website,it has youtube based video Ads.I also have highlighted keywords which pop-up small ads when they are hovered over,cool huh? If you guys like em’,sign up through one of my referral links.If the videos are black,thats because youtube is still down,steve

  7. Metacafe isn’t down – I was just surfing it a few minutes ago. Checking out that cool video by Zack Scott, actually. The one with the missing square or something

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