Your Vote Counts

Oh- I’m not talking about the elections. I’m so tired of campaign ads I avoid the television like it was a telemarketer with the Ebola virus.

But your vote counts in the Vloggies. Thanks to faithful WVFF reader PC, I’ve discovered that someone nominated this very unfunny blog in the category of Comedy Vlogs. Is that what this is?

Well don’t question it. Just vote. Search for “will_video_for_food” or “nalts” when you get to the page. One click, no registration required.

I’m Kevin Nalty and I approved this message.

3 Replies to “Your Vote Counts”

  1. I think this will further enhance your winning of the annoy zefrank contest as your blog is right above his in the voting.

    Vote nalts. Annoy zefrank.

    Now that’s a slogan

  2. A NYC waitress told me (on the condition of anonymity) that Zefrank copped an attitude with her and eventually stiffed her on the tip. But she’s not upset because she had a chance go spit on his meal.

  3. I did point it out, but I’m pretty suspicious that clicking the “vote for me” button does anything… no submit… you can vote as much as you want…

    zefrank posted about it yesterday, apparently he’s sending someone in a ducky costume to the awards… perhaps nalts should send someone in a zefrank mask to kidnap any trophies ze wins…

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