4 Replies to “This Blog Post is Guaranteed to Make You Yawn”

  1. It’s 3.02am. I was doing fine until I saw this post. Curiousity being what it is, I had to click. Wrong move. My eyes are filled with water and my bed is looking irresistably warm and comfortable.

    Thanks Kevin. I’ll fix my auto-play option, but only if you put up a disclaimer not to click on the link if working late at night.

  2. I started yawning just by reading the name of the post (not due to boredom, just the word…) Unfortunately, it’s 11:20 AM and my day has only just started… Oy!

  3. I had an old boss that used to fling his dung when he was mad. Now I understand why I instictively flung my dung. Mirror neurons. I’m not responsible for the behavior. It was my brain.

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