EepyBird’s Sequel Dissappoints

cokementos.jpgDespite the build-up, the new EepyBird Diet Mentos Coke video wasn’t quite what many expected. It’s hardly approached the views of the original (250K by last count on Google Video). This ZDnet “MicroMarkets” piece praised the duo (Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz) and provides some interesting context. Yet while the ratings of the video are fairly strong on Google Video (4.5 stars) the reviews are mixed and many are quite negative. Probably the bazaar thing was that many comments revealed that the viewers hadn’t seen the original. Just goes to show the value of submitting to multiple sites. Audiences overlap but are distinct in many ways.

Before you read my thoughts, let me just remind you that I don’t consider myself in the same league as EepyBird. They’ve made great money, they demonstrate incredible planning, and they’re smart at marketing their work. That being said…

  • I’m dissappointed that they ditched Revver, which put them on the map and made them a case study for making money via viral videos.
  • I was expecting something much different. The choreography was brilliant and it was visually entertaining. But it was a little like watching the NumaNuma kid return. Sequels are anti-climactic even in viral video.
  • Watching the duo wander around the latest fountain (doing nothing but observing) was like watching the guy stand behind a live news reporter and wave.
  • The original video‘s tune (“You Gotta Tap” by AudioBody) was part of the magic. The sequel featured just another rock song.
  • The production quality was worse than the first, despite having a three-camera shoot. My guess that was by design.
  • I want to see some of the other talents of Grobe and Voltz! We’re done with Geyser, guys. Juggle Mentos. Do a comedy bit about Coke.

Mentos and Coke marketers are thinking about the next viral video “play,” since we’re in the 30th minute of the Mentos/Coke Geyser’s 15 minutes of fame. Mentos is looking for fresh new viral content and Coke has moved to various contests. So how does EepyBird move from Dexys Midnight Runners (my favorite one-hit wonder band with the famed “Common Eileen”) to something enduring like, say, Madonna?

Stay with the theme of creative, mind-blowing stunts that are sponsored. But show some new talents.

4 Replies to “EepyBird’s Sequel Dissappoints”

  1. Why did they switch off Revver? I don’t know. But is it just me or do others find Revver’s site very slow and a pain to use? I’m just askin’…

  2. Hi Woodblock, Its not just you i find it a pain too now, when it was in beta stages it seemed (well for me) to work like a dream and produced loads of dollars (we are going on a nice holiday in December) but now Revver One i cant even work out how much i make anymore and just put my vids on there through habit.

    I don’t promote the Revverd ones on my site anymore, altho I must confess after talking to Nalts recently I have started to give it another go.

    As for Eepybird what is the reason they have dropped Revver and gone to Google??? Nalts do you know can you find out lol.

  3. I actually read an article that Google is sharing ad revenue with them. Let me try to find it.

    Ah, here it is. Just Google: “google shares ad revenue” and you’ll see the article.

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