Roll Over Ebert and Roeper… It’s “F%@# the Movies”

F%@# the movies is a new anti film critic show, with what it says are “blunt, ridiculous, hilarious, profanity-laced reviews” delivered courtesy two Hollywood comedians Ben Hoffman and Craig Anstett. In this pilot episode our intrepid critics tear a new one for Infamous, The Marine, Man of the Year, and The Grudge.

Note- WillVideoforFood readers tend to disagree. I confess to not being patient enough to get to the alleged “hilarious” part, but I was intrigued by the concept of to everyday jerks reviewing movies. It reminds me of when the web first surfaced and everyone became a film critic… and some clown with a website would get quoted on movie posters because he was the only one that liked the movie.

“That was the best film of 1996,” said Kevin Nalty, a guy who figured out how to watch a movie and publish a website.

3 Replies to “Roll Over Ebert and Roeper… It’s “F%@# the Movies””

  1. It was piss poor. Is there anyone still shocked that people could use the word ‘fuck’ in normal discussions? This was a perfect example of bad video content. A poorly executed version of a reasonable idea. Their laissez faire attitude to reviewing movies would only be justified by a genuine respect and awe for the medium. these guys don’t even bother to see the movies they’re reviewing and they don’t seem to care about movies at all. There’s no outrage, only apathy. Very poor indeed. It’s your first recommendation that I haven’t found any merit in.

  2. > blunt, ridiculous, hilarious, profanity laced reviews

    I don’t know, Nalts… I’ll give you 3 out 4 on the above. Not really hilarious, IMO, but it certainly had its moments. I’d give ’em a chance, though, as I think there’s some potential here.

    > It’s your first recommendation that I haven’t found any merit in.

    Hmmm… I don’t see any mention of Kevin actually recommending it. Although he did call it hilarious, which is a stretch. But we also know that Kevin is a grown man who films himself making prank phone calls.

    Now THAT’S hilarious.


  3. Sorry- that’s one of those cases where I literally grabbed the description from the site and didn’t realize it might be inferred as ME saying it was hilarious. Frankly, I found it interesting but stopped watching before any hilarious stuff happened. Will fix the post.

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